Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, January 19, 2018


It is like having a third kid...we only wanted two kids...but we sure do love our Sully!

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Below is Caroline's letter to Santa from school this year. Little did she know that she would not be getting a puppy on Christmas morning, BUT the little puppy would be able to leave his Momma on January 1. Everyone meet Sully. Matt and I got to meet Sully when he was three weeks old. We then surprised the kids on the way home from Branson. It was the best Christmas present ever!

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Branson Christmas 2017

We tried to do an "experience" this year for Christmas instead of gifts. Caroline said it was the best Christmas ever! So...looks like this is something we will try to do in the future if we can.

Bunk beds as our surprise treat!

Backlight gator golf

Fun junk at the arcade

Indoor water park splish splash for Wyatt's birthday. He loved it! The big 3 year old!

Dixie Stampede and Haygoods with Goss Family

The toasty 2 degrees...coldest we have ever experienced in our lifetime.

Trampoline for Christmas

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Painting with a Twist

We had a great time Painting with a Twist with the Burris Family and Mimi. It was fun to skip school and splash a little paint. Caroline has wanted to do this for such a long time!

Caroline and Wyatt were sheep this year in the church Christmas program. Caroline had a sweet special and Wyatt did not want to participate;)

Location:Christmas Program