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Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Winter Fun

The time has been passing fast since Matt has been gone. We are over half way and on the downhill slide. I was getting ready to post this and realized that we have been so busy this month, and I believe that is why time is passing fast. Hope you enjoy the highlights of out last couple of weeks...

1) Wyatt helps to gather quarters each Sunday in the cafe for our missions container.

2) Wyatt loves wearing Daddy's hats to church.

3) We met with the Price crew for dinner.

4) Caroline got to come have her teeth cleaned and helped me clean Mrs. April's teeth.

5) We got to go visit Grandma Etta and Papaw Don. It doesn't happen often, so it was a treat.

6) Uncle Michael and Wyatt

7) Trip to Northwest Arkansas with Caroline and Peggy...Tropical Smoothie for the road

8) we had to stop and see Jethro Church

9) Took the Pig Trail

10) Turner Bend

11) 5-10 Original in Bentonville

12) Caroline and Peggy getting their sweet kick on

13) Lights in Bentonville

14) Bentonville shopping and look what we found

15) Got to have breakfast with one of our dearest family friends...Mason family

16) Chloe and Caroline

17) Making Walmart tags

18) The castle

19) Caroline and Barry at Chloe's wedding

20) Me and Caroline

21) Briar Rose Bakery...gotta have a cinnamon roll

22) Christmas pics with Jensen

23) Sunday School party

24) Elf with Caroline at Robinson

25) Wyatt helping Mommy wrap Christmas presents

26) My two favorite Eskimos

27) Looking at Christmas lights in North Little Rock with Nana.

28) Two kiddos in Christmas gear

29) Other little one came to see Mommy at work

30) Caroline and her dear friend Natalie

31) my sweet girl at class Christmas party

32) Christmas tree selfie at Baptist

33) Caroline got a makeup kit from Lana

34) And Wyatt is the new cowboy in town

35) Jensen and Caroline transformed Aunt Julie into a panda

36) Cooking with Jensen

37) My little Reindeer

38) And my little angel

39) and my little donkey

49) And my dad...who had three blood clots, but is now home and doing fabulous

50) Wyatt and Uncle Clint

51) Making Jesus birthday cupcakes

52) just really really tired

53) Baby Paxton was loved my Wyatt

54) Late night hallmark Christmas movie...she fell asleep at the very end