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Ritchie Crew

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Baptism- video 2

YouTube Video

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Caroline's Baptism

I have already posted this, but I wanted to post it again. Tears again this morning as I watched a video of the day my little girl made the best decision of her life.

YouTube Video

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Destin 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Random happy blogpost:

1)Second grade had a field trip at Museum of Discovery last week. There was a mirror that was part of the museum. Concept was one person puts their right hand on one side, while the other person puts their left hand on the other side. If they share love, the mirror will then turn on with a saying about love. I watched kid after kid pair up and walk up to the mirror and it would never come on. I watched adults walk up to the mirror and try to get it to turn on, and then....Caroline and Tinley walked up to the mirror and this happened. I could not believe it. I had them wait and let other kids go and then go do it again. I was shocked at how they were the only two that could make this mirror light up. They love each other. I know one day they may have different interests or go their own ways, but I hope they can always remember this love they share.

2) Donuts with Dad day at school and Caroline had the best daddy there!

3) This girl has been target practicing for months! She has wanted to go deer hunting for years and Papaw Troy promised her when she turned eight years old she could go hunting. Well...she did and look at what she got! Her very own six point! She was so excited!!

4) The proud hunters have returned home.

5) Baby Sloan was born visit.

6) Veterans Day celebration at EEE.

7) We went to see the Clydesdales in Pine Bluff.

8) Biggest ice cream EVER!

9) Two peas in a pod

10) Tinley and Caroline

11) Always a special treat when I get to go eat lunch with Caroline.

Location:Ladies Branson Trip 2017