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Ritchie Crew

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What to do when you can't sleep...

 What do you do when you can't sleep...you text everyone and tell them about it!  We are moving offices this week and it is full of "to-dos" running through my brain.  I am not worried, but my brain will not shut off at night.  I wake thinking of things that we need to do before Monday to make the transition smooth.  I have a sneaky feeling that some of the other people I work with are up with the same thoughts, but I will wait and not text them.  Just in case they are getting some good shut-eye I will just make another to-do list and work on the blog.  So here are a few pics from our first half of April:

1) Wyatt and Barrett enjoyed each other's company while Brittany and I got caught up on a little shopping, errands, appointments, etc.  It was good to see my sweet friend and play catch-up.
2)  Wyatt had his 15 month old check up.  Isn't he just a ham!  He smiles at everyone!  He is healthy in all aspects and loving life!
 3) A little fun at the park
 4) Helping mommy drive
 5) First haircut...he did great!
 6) Y'all I waited patiently for this picture.  I never got to take a picture like this with Caroline.  Sundays just wear Wyatt out at church!  He skips his morning nap because he is so busy playing with his friends.  During lunch Sunday we look over and he started nodding.  I waited patiently for this picture!  Love it!
 7) Hot Dog shirt...doesn't get much cuter than this!
 8) Cleaned out Caroline's backpack tonight to find this sweet book she has written for me.  You guys!  This will melt your heart.
My mom loves me. I love her to.

My mom likes to hang out with me.

My mom is pretty. 

My Mommy, By Caroline
9) Caroline got invited to go see Mulan with a few of our friends.  Thank you Cheryl and Carson for inviting her!  She had a big time!
That's all folks!  April is full of fun! Posting more pics soon...

Monday, April 11, 2016

February/March Update

I find myself always kicking the blog to the corner...it is the last thing on my agenda to do, but I know I need to stay on top of it or I will have to spend a weekend away just to play catch up with the blog.  I hope the kiddos enjoy reading and seeing the pictures and memories in the future.  Here is a recap of the last couple of months:

1)  Change.  Our life is full of it.  More than most, and we know it.  Change has changed my perception on life. Matt has left for deployment #2, so we must put his current job on hold.  Below are a few old pictures, but some of the best memories we have had with the State Police.  I will never forget the day when we got to go see Daddy drive the highway patrol car through reenactments.  So much fun and we were so happy to see him!  Caroline was so little at the time! And...then possibly the best day E.V.E.R. as Caroline would say...when her Daddy got to come to her school in the helicopter!  

On a serious note...we will really miss the state police for the time being...but will be excited when the deployment is over and Matt is back to his norm.

 2) Easter was a bit early this year and I decided to take a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new decor.  Never good when I step foot in Hobby Lobby...I will never forget when Matt and I first got married and he saw his first ever Hobby Lobby receipt (which was not much I might add) and he wanted to know how a gal could spend that much at Hobby Lobby!?!?! Ha! Little did he know there would be many more Hobby Lobby trips in our future married life.

 3) Nice weather for a swing with Papaw Troy.  My mom has been gone a bit lately so Dad has pitched in and helped.  He has even changed diapers:)
 4) Mix Match Day at school...well of course we have to wear our cheer-leading uniform with mix match shoes.
 5) New Mother/Daughter necklace that Caroline picked out while we were on our last trip.  I love it! Y'all she is the sweetest!
 6) Matt took us and his family to the Catfish Hole when we went to visit Fayetteville.  It is a must on my list now!  Yummo!  We enjoyed a weekend getaway with Debbie and Donnie to watch the Razorbacks play a couple of games.  Go Hogs!   We also were treated with a visit from Lakyn for the weekend.

7)  Preparing for Easter...Camera Ham!
8)  Caroline and Mrs. Williamson...we could not ask for a better Kindergarten teacher!  Y'all!  I could write all day about how much we adore her!
9)  She has writing questions that Mrs. Williamson will send home and this one cracked me up!  She loves her high heel shoes:)
10)  Cheer has ended.  It was a love-hate relationship.  I miss seeing the kiddos each week and we miss the laughs, but I am glad we are not at the gym multiple nights of each week.  It is nice to be back at home for a change...until next year Rockstars.
11) you know...there is some way to rotate this picture, but truly I am being lazy right now and cannot figure it out and I am not going to go back and do it. SO...Matt when you see this pic, please rotate it for me. HA!  Now...on a serious note.  Matt is leaving for the second deployment.  This pic was when we said goodbye for our first deployment.  It is a photo that I have saved in more places than my kids will ever want to find it.  It is possibly one of the most defining moments in my life.  This picture marked change for my family.  Matt left us for his first deployment.  I became basically a single mom. My perspective on american life changed.  My view on life in general changed.  Caroline and I shared a bond from that day forward that a lot of mothers and daughters will never experience.

We are headed into our second deployment and I feel at peace.  We have been though a lot.  More than most will ever experience, but I can tell you that through it all God has had His presence known.  Please continue to pray for Matt and our family during this upcoming year.  

12) Caroline wanted a penguin for her V-day box this year.
13) We got a special treat!  We got a visit from Lakyn and got to go see Lana all in the same weekend!  It was a first for a few at Blue Monkey grill and a first for me and Caroline to have purple ice cream at Purple Cow.  What a fun weekend!
14) And because sometimes we just need a picture before school...
15) And because sometimes we just need a picture..for no reason at all..
16)  Mrs. Williamson and Caroline taking one of their fun selfies.  Sweet girls!

17) Bringing back an old picture that I have never removed off my phone.  First kindergarten field trip to Family Farms Pumpkin Patch...
18)  Catching up on life with Lakyn...and really trying to make sure she is behaving while off at college. I am such a little momma:)
19) It doesn't get any better than this!  How many great-grandpas get to ride their grandsons around on a four-wheeler all day?!?!  This one does!  Memories being made.
20) Will is one of Caroline and Wyatt's favorite people.  You should see their faces when they see Will!
Well...that was most of March.  Probably not all, but enough to get the picture that we are busy in life loving and making memories!  April here we come!