Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, May 31, 2013

San Diego- Vacation Day 1

 We left Little Rock Wednesday evening for our first vacation of 2013.  We were headed to California! We found out shortly after loading the plane that there would be an alternate route and delay the plane would take due to heavy thunderstorms.  The pilot headed south, but we ended up making our connecting flight in Denver.

By the time we arrived in Denver, little Miss Caroline needed to be asleep, but she was still going strong.  She finally went to sleep for about thirty minutes of the final flight.  She did great on her first flight, but did not care for the seat belt.  We arrived at our hotel in San Diego at midnight Cali time.
Caroline watching planes in Denver
 Matt and I have things we would like to check off our bucket list this trip, but this girl just wanted to see Shamu....well folks she got to see Shamu!
Caroline and Shamu
 Here are a few of our favorite attractions/animals of the day...

 Late afternoon we took a gondola ride over the bay.  I was not able to take many pictures, but it was a peaceful ending to a perfect day.  
 NOW...ALL DAY we felt REALLY bad for Caroline because several times we sat in soak zones at different shows and she would not get splashed, she was not tall enough to ride the water rides, and we did not bring her swimsuit in for the splash pad.  SO...we stayed for the very last Shamu show and headed back to the see the show AGAIN.  Matt stayed in the top section away from the water since he had the electronics, and Caroline and I headed to front and center soak zone. I was a determined mother that I was going to get that little miss soaked.  All Caroline wanted was just a little splash....Well as you can see we got SOAKED.

If you look to the very middle of the picture you will find us. I am wearing a DRY green shirt and Caroline is in my lap.  We are calling for the Shamu Splash!!
 ...and we got the SHAMU SPLASH... SOAKED

Cheers to a memorable first day of vacation.  Today we are headed to Old Town San Diego, Embarcadero, Gas Lamp District, and Coronado.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Matt's Homecoming

 WE MADE IT!  God saw us through, comforted us, and made our family even stronger throughout this past year.  Matt served as the Commanding Officer of an air ambulance unit this past year, while I helped with the Family Readiness Group.  This past year I have grown as a spouse, a mother, and as an individual. 

God has taken care of our family and blessed us with happiness during this deployment.  Caroline was by my side through this past year; we supported each other and have a bond and experience unlike most mother/daughters.  Thousands of miles away, Matt supported and continued to lead our family.  God gave us hope and love!  We are a united family of three again!
Part of the Crew
Spouse Support

Watching for Arrival

Watching for Daddy's plane

There they are!

Our Daddy!

He's Back

Our Family of Three

Ready to go HOME
 Thank you all for your prayers, love, and help this past year.  You have been an amazing set of friends and family.  I have been BLESSED that God put you in my life!  I can NEVER repay you for all your support.