Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

School Time Fun

Literacy Day 
 We are in the swing of school and Caroline is enjoying it.  As a parent, I am enjoying East End Elementary.  She is learning, achieving, and being pushed academically.  Her teacher, Mrs. Williamson is a true gift. As parents we all hope for a teacher who will love our child and help our child to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and academically.  She has went above and beyond any expectation that I had, and she is a shining Christian lady.   Below are a few highlights from our month so far...

1)Fun at Mamaw and Papaw's house on Lakyn's computer
 2) Grandparents Day at school
Caroline with Nenaw and P
Caroline with MiMi and Papaw
 3)Caroline and Wyatt snuggling on a Saturday morning. We all look forward to sleeping in now.
 4) Caroline and Wyatt before school.
 5) Look who fell asleep in his sister's lap
 6) Having a little fun in Daddy's shower
 7) Moren Family reunion photo
 8) My life long dream...flying with Matt. We got to fly with Matt this past weekend for Caroline's birthday gift and my bucket list.

Two Excited Girls

She was ready to go!
9) We went for a quick trip to Crystal Bridges.
10) Shopping trip with Lakyn
11) Mr. Barry took us to Briar Rose...oh my!  If you go to Fayetteville area please go to eat breakfast/brunch at Briar Rose.  You do not understand how good their cinnamon rolls are!  Words cannot describe the yumminess that I tasted!  It is based off  Sleeping Beauty, so it has a small entrance door the kiddos.

Check out that cinnamon roll!
12) I hope I never forget this smile!
13) Fun pics at church
14) We took Caroline to the cemetery for the first time for her to see where my Grandpa Norris was buried.  It is always nice to share memories and stories.  My Grandpa Norris passed away when I was on bed rest with Caroline, so she did not get to meet him.  I cannot wait for the day he gets to meet Caroline!  What a joyful moment that will be!
15)  Caroline now dresses herself for school each morning...watch out East End!
16) Check out that grin...love it!
17) Just helping Mommy with a little plumbing.
Happy Fall Y'all!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Old-Phone Videos

We are clearing our phones so we wanted to post a few videos from this past year that we never want to forget...

1) I knew it...Wyatt was on his way! Could not wait to tell Matt!
2) Telling Matt that we were having another baby!!
3) Wyatt's Ultrasound
4) Wyatt laughing at Caroline
5) Caroline saying the Lord's Prayer
6)Wyatt chuckling on the changing table

7) Caroline taking Wyatt for a stoll

8) Running Round-Off

9) Taking a bite out of an apple is SO funny Daddy!