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Ritchie Crew

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Caroline Turns 3

My little girl turned three years old yesterday!  How did the past three years go by so fast?  We celebrated her birthday with our friends and family at Lakeside Pavilion.  The kids had a great time painting, playing, and eating cake.  The cake is always a huge hit for children of this age group. 

This year also marked a new for us.  Matt was not able to be at Caroline's party, but thanks to Skype he could join us for the entire party.  Thank you technology. Caroline is a blessing sent from God. I thank God every night that he us a child; Matt and I adore and love her deeply.

The Birthday Girl
Caroline, Mommy, and Daddy
Caroline before opening presents
Caroline thanking everyone...just for memory sake...we had to stop and take several breaks while opening presents.  She wanted to play WAY more than she wanted to open presents.  Lesson learned.

Me and my friend Jill

I had to post this fun picture of Jill:) Balance
Sweet Benjamin
This was another big hit...they would line up and take turns walking across.  Those kids can balance better than the adults!

Isn't Bella adorable?

Nancy, Zoe, Caroline, Everett, and Jensen
Caroline was getting ready to pull Everett
Pull Caroline...
Evie...I love getting to see the Thomas Family
...and Fiona
Silas was a professional on the slide
Sweet Bella again

Now check out this sweet face with a little cake frosting.  I was excited that Kelly and Austyn could make the party. 
Now this year we had a guest that was firmly requested by little Miss Caroline.  This year I thought I would start off by making Caroline;s guest list by who she said she would like to invite. I asked her who she would like to invite to her party...her response....Zoey.  Now you may ask, who is Zoey?  Zoey is my aunt's dog, and Caroline is in love with Zoey, and Charlie is growing on her.  Her gift bag even has a picture of Zoey, and Caroline has been adoring the bag all afternoon.  My aunt even went to get them puppy party cupcakes.

Caroline, Mommy, and Daddy

Singing Happy Birthday, and let me just tell you that this little girl was singing loud and proud to herself. 

Grandma Etta and Jacob

Bella and Caroline sharing the paint
Love the cake!  I guess everyone else did also; we only had a small bit left.
Silas painting...
Benjamin painting...
and Braden painting.
Jared and Jill
Aunt Megan and Jensen
Sweet Cousins painting the puppy dog.
Christian painting his fish
Nanny and Caroline
Now...let me tell you a little bit about Peggy.  Peggy is going to read this...Peggy you are my true angel.      I could go on and on about her till you all are tired of reading, but this lady is a true, deep friend.  My greatest thanks to her for making my daily wish come true.  She walked Matt around the entire time on skype.  Peggy, you will never know what your daily kindness means to me and my family.
Birthday girl swinging
P helping the children down the slide

Caroline and Jacob running really fast...I think they might have had a tumble right after this photo was taken.
Sweet smile by Jensen

Thank you all very much for coming.  Caroline had a blast!  You are a wonderful group of friends and family.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yellow Day

Wednesday was 'Yellow Day' at SCDC. Caroline's shirt is yellow...promise...it just shows up as a little light.  BUT, does anyone notice anything about this picture?  Yes.. you are correct.  She is WAY outnumbered this year at school.  Check out all those boys!  Oh my stars!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012