Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 2014

 I always forget how busy and how much fun we have each month, until I start looking at all the pictures and activities at the end of each month.  This month has been a month of fun!  Below are a few of our highlights from the month of October.

1) Hannah and Chad got married.
Jensen and Caroline at the wedding.

Caroline, Hannah, and Jensen
 2) Caroline went on her first field trip with the kid's group from church.  The group went to the Rice Depot in Little Rock.  The group broke up large frozen blocks of rice, and prepared smaller bags for local families.

 3)  We planned on having a girl's day one Saturday, but instead ended up spending it in the hospital with Papaw Waylon.  He is home and feeling great.  I love this picture, because Caroline had a great day with her fried fish.  The girl loves fish...even if it is at the hospital.

 4) We went bowling as a family one Friday afternoon.  Below is a picture of Caroline with her bowling ball and me with my bowling ball (Wyatt).

 5) Spent time with Knox
 6) Gymnastics every Monday evening.  I had to take a quick picture of the little girls as they cheer and watch the older girls get ready for competition.
 7)  Reading and studying a new favorite.  The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.  Please put this on your must read list.
 8) Stomach virus hit... Poor Caroline slept on the floor for two nights in a row because she did not want to get sick in her bed.  Thank goodness the virus has cleared and made its way out of her classroom.
 9)  Annual pumpkin decorating contest at SCDC.  Your child picks his/her favorite book and decorates a pumpkin.  Caroline made an Elmer pumpkin this year.  It took us several nights and tissue paper galore.  I think we were all dreaming of tissue paper.  It was one big pumpkin this year.
 10) We tried to be creative for Halloween this year and make spider cookies.  My two little chefs.
 11) Finished product...Halloween Spider Cookies
 12) Caroline and Jensen dressed up as Elsa for Halloween this year.
13) Girls Weekend...which included doctor appointment for Mommy, five year old check-up for Caroline, frozen yogurt trip, Panera Bread trip, and meeting Jill for fun.

Happy Halloween!  Turkey month here we come!

Baby Boy-Wyatt Matthew Ritchie

 We all loaded up and went to see Dr. Burton at 20 weeks to see if we would be adding another female or a male to our family.  We waited with excitement in the waiting room and it did not take us long to find out that our baby was a BOY!  Caroline had been wishing for a little brother and her wish came true!  We could not believe it!  Something about already having a girl, I just figured the next child would be another girl, but I guess not.  We will be welcoming our little boy soon and we are beyond excited and ready to meet him.  I wish you could hear the tears or excitement and disbelief as we found out we were having a boy.  
Caroline waiting on the ultrasound to begin
After the appointment Caroline and I went shopping for a pair of shoes for a baby boy to help with our gender reveal.  I had to take the picture below because I was still in shock to be shopping on the boy's side of the store!  Oh the change!  You should have seen us...we were like kids in a candy store.  It was hard to control myself.
Who knew there was another side to the store?
 We sent out this photo for our gender reveal.  It was such a windy afternoon and I had patience waiting on these balloons to stay still.  I had my fingers crossed they would not pop before I got the perfect picture.  We are excited to meet our baby boy-Wyatt Matthew Ritchie.