Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our Everything- Caroline and Wyatt

Caroline and Wyatt,

You make our heart so full and happy.  You give us joy that is unending.  We could not ask for two sweeter children. Caroline, you are the best big sister!  Wyatt adores you!  Wyatt, you light up a room with your smile.  We look forward to watching you two grow to become disciples of Christ.  Let your light shine! We hope you always know how much you are loved!

Mommy and Daddy

Caroline's Graduation

 Caroline has attended Sardis Child Development Center part time since she was a year old. She has grown spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. She graduated Pre-k this year and will begin Kindergarten this Fall.  She has made friends and memories to last.
Caroline holding the bible for opening pledges

Pre-K opening act

Graduating Class 

Our Family

Our Crew

The Three Amigos

Caroline and Beau

Caroline and Christian

Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Highlights

Here are a few of our highlights from the past season...

1)  Mother's Day- we went to the park and had lunch together.  One of my favorite things to do with my family is go to the park!  I could do it every single day.  I wish I could bottle up the laughter and happiness of my little ones at the park and hold onto it forever.
2) Part of my Mother's Day gift from church.  Please read...yes, I am 21 according to Caroline.  Now, the next few questions and answers will melt your heart!
3) Mother's Day photo booth they had set up at church. FUN!
4)  My two men...I adore them!
5) Is this not the cutest picture of my sweet little monkey!  He has started rice cereal and loves it!  Please ignore the pink bumbo seat:)
6) Another pic from the Mother's Day Booth at church.  My sweet baby girl!
7) Another trip to the park after Wyatt's doctor's appointment.
8)  Thank you Holly for letting us borrow this toy; it is an arm saver!
9) More fun at the park in East End
10) A few of the kiddos went from Sardis to deliver the money they raised for the Children's Home.
11)  These feet have completed the 5k training-now to find a free weekend to run a race...

12)  My two sweet kiddos...all smiles after bath time.
13)  Check out these sweet smiles I get when I go in after nap time.
14) Caroline being silly with Uncle Da Da.

15) Lakyn, Wyatt, and Caroline and Faye and Waylon's wedding anniversary celebration.
16) My mom received the Youth Minister of the Year award from Hendrix College and the United Methodist Church. So proud of her!
17) Cousins being silly.
18) Another photo from the awards banquet for my mom.

19)  Sweet Presley feeding Wyatt.
20) Sweet smiles

21) Go Cubs!

22) He does not stop smiling.  Such a great baby!

23) Still completing our nutrition study at Children's. How much are diapers these days?  I am not sure...hopefully we will not ever have to purchase any!  Free diapers...yes please.

24) I know a little girl that is registered for Kindergarten.
25) Special day spent with my little girl as she gets ready for school.
26) Happy Easter from Wyatt!
So you can see a pattern by now.  Life is busy.  Cheers to posting once every season.