Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our Easter weekend began with a little yard work...just look at Matt's face. He loves to mow the yard! He really does! I married the best man....a man who likes to mow the yard and go to Wal-Mart. It does not get much better!
We finally added landscaping around the house and at the end of the driveway. I wanted to share a few pictures...there will be more to come. Caroline was such a big help with the mulch. We still have a little more work to complete down by the driveway, but we have a running start.

My little princess before the Easter Egg Hunt

Family Photo

Our church hides 15,000 eggs each year. This year we topped our goal and had 20,000 to hide. You can barely walk without stepping on eggs! I just love the smiles on the children's faces.

Caroline and Aubrey

Daddy helping Caroline

Caroline was too busy the entire time trying to charm her boyfriend...she was putting eggs in Weston's basket instead of her basket! So sweet!

The Easter Bunny came to visit us again this year!

Caroline looked so precious Sunday morning. My wish is that she can grow to know the Lord's amazing love more than I can imagine. I love everything about Easter Sunday; the choir, the music, the sermon, and most of all the people that come to hear the word of the Lord.

Easter Photo 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Review

Our last two weeks have been amazing, busy and blessed! We started off last weekend heading out to our church yard sale for any bargains. I found several puzzles for Caroline that had never been unwrapped and a few shirts that still had the tags!

Caroline picking out a toy for MiMi's house...she chose the slide...

Mamaw Moren ended up purchasing the clothes below for the grand total of...$2.20! What a bargain! The yard sale at our church raised $3100, which will be used for local mission work.

Check out my lamp that I purchased for $1! This will be a perfect addition to the master bedroom.
We loaded up last weekend and headed to the circus. Wes and Caroline enjoyed their date together as they laughed at the clowns and animals. I think the animals were the biggest hit. This is Caroline's 2nd circus recently...we are real carnies!

Caroline clapping with the dancers

Wow! Bears riding bicycles! Like father...like daughter

Wes and Caroline
Random proud moment of the evening...Caroline getting to ride the pony during intermission.
We had the biggest breakfast Saturday morning. Matt had been talking about the feast for days. It was a big deal for the Ritchie family, since we do not usually cook breakfast. Caroline colored while I cooked. She pointed to the little boy in the picture and said, "Will." Then I asked her who the little girl was and she said, "Lana." So sweet! She adores them!

The Feast

My little angel
The next morning we went to watch Lana and Lakyn play volleyball in Conway. Caroline loves to watch volleyball...and I have a deep internal hope that she will grow to love the sport. My heart skips a beat when I see a good game of volleyball.

Uncle Du, Caroline, and Papaw Moren
Lana! Lana's team ended up winning their age division! Lana served the final serve to win the game...such a nail bitter game.
Caroline and I met Matt after work this week and we traveled up to Fayetteville to see Sarah, Ryan, and Macy. We arrived late Friday evening and then Sarah got a surprise phone call from Lauren. Lauren needed Sarah to put her dogs outside since someone was coming to look at their home, so Sarah and I headed straight over. After entering the house, Sarah realized it was a surprise shower for her! Gotta love surprises!

This is a really good picture of what this weekend looked like....Caroline chasing Macy...all the time...Macy was so tired when we left!

Ryan and Caroline

Proud Daddy with Caroline at the Razorback Stadium
Eating lunch before the game...Caroline kept stealing fries off of Sarah's plate!

We had a wonderful time this past weekend...Thanks Sarah, Ryan, and Macy for making our stay so special!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Top Reasons the Ritchie Crew loves Spring:

1) Caroline is potty training in full swing and Spring dresses make it really easy.

2)Our family stays outside playing until dark.

3)Matt grills out A LOT...

4)Caroline gets to join me and water a few trees and flowers.

5)I can actually wear my Spring clothes again...unlike last year.

6)New landscaping

7)Spring makes me feel like a new person.

Caroline spraying her doll's hair

Getting ready for a long day on the road

Ending the day by celebrating Whitley's first Birthday

sharing snacks

Caroline riding in one of the Birthday gifts...

Aunt Jennifer and Whitley opening the presents

Sunday was the first day it was officially warm enough to wear a dress from sunrise to sunset. Caroline looks so grown and tall when she is sporting her dresses.

At Mamaw and Papaw Moren's House

Don't you love Matt's facial expression in this picture?
Yesterday I came home to Matt and Caroline blowing bubbles...she did not want the bubble blowing to EVER come to an end!

Caroline helping me water flowers

April showers bring May flowers....have a good weekend!