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Ritchie Crew

Monday, December 27, 2010

Church Blog Giveaway

Our church is doing a giveaway this week at sardisunitedmethodistchurch.blogspot.com. All you have to do is comment on any post between now and the New Year to have your name put in a drawing for a gift card to Fresh Market. Just wanted to let you all know!

Christmas 2010

Last Christmas, Caroline almost slept through the entire day as Matt and I opened the gifts for her. This year was a different story! Our Christmas started at the beginning of December when Caroline started receiving gifts from friends. I am sorry that I did not get to capture pictures of all the gifts that she received, but I will say that she was surprised and excited as she opened each gift throughout the season.

The most memorable gift from a friend that we received was the recordable book from Brittany and Joey. Matt and I are able to record our voices as we read the book, so that Caroline will always be able to have her Daddy reading a book to her, no matter where he may have to travel.

Santa had an early delivery for Caroline. Santa had Holly and John ship a package for her from Jonesboro. She loved the popcorn packaging and would have played with it all day! I finally got her to find the actual package! Holly and John sent her a bubble bath learning toy. During bath time we know have bubbles going EVERYWHERE and a little girl who cannot stop laughing.

Christmas Eve finally arrived, and after reading our Christmas books, Caroline and I decided to read Southern Living. It is a must read around the Ritchie household.

The next morning we went to get Caroline out of her bed at the first sign of her waking. She knew something was going on because Matt had the video camera and I had the camera. She kept pausing as she toddled down the hall, wondering why we were wanting her to go into the living room.

Good Morning

Pausing again wondering what all the excitement was about...
...then she rounded the corner. Oh I wish you could have been here to hear her excitement. All of the ooows,aaahhs, and ooohs. She was full of them as she went from toy to toy.
The bike was the first toy she discovered...

...but then she saw the cell phone
After seeing the cell phone the other toys were old news.

Then it was time to open the stockings! Caroline started as she pulled out her No No Noah book and DVDs and CDs that Santa brought.

Now, it was time for Daddy to open his stocking. He got Kabob sets, shaving gel, and much more! Mommy got jewelry, spa sets, and more.

After Caroline helped us open our stockings she kicked back and text on her cell phone while drinking her milk and watched us finish with our Christmas.

Santa had left Daddy's new weed-eater outside...

Then we headed to MiMi and Papaw's house where Santa had also stopped! More stockings!
Caroline, myself, and Jensen...Caroline adores baby Jensen

Caroline opening her stocking at MiMi and Papaw's

New Headbands!

Uncle Jared and Jensen

The Proud Dad
Papaw checking out the bottom of his stocking

MiMi wondering why a used flashlight was in her stocking??? Hum Santa?!?

Caroline caring for Jensen

Mommy and Daddy helping Caroline open more of her gifts from MiMi

This next picture is my favorite picture from this Christmas Season. This is a picture of her excitement when Papaw brought in her own four-wheeler. Just what she needed!

Here we go!

Look at me!
Uncle Jared and Aunt Megan gave Caroline a Mr. Potato Head which was a huge hit!
After the Guinn Christmas, we traveled down to Fordyce to have Christmas with the Ritchies. After lunch, we opened up gifts and Addison got a microphone set-up for Christmas, so she and Caroline decided to have a concert and an after wedding interview.

Uncle Clint and Whitley

The three girls (Caroline, Addison, and Whitley)
Caroline looked precious yesterday for church, so I decided to take a picture of the new outfit from NeNaw. Yesterday was a special day for our family, because Matt joined the church. We have all been attending the church for several years, but it is nice that Matt and I are now both official members.
After church, the Southern gal just had to ride that four-wheeler one more time.
Watch out everyone, here I come!

Saving on gas...
Here are a few pictures I forgot to post from the Moren Christmas last weekend...

The latest update on the curls...

All of the Grandkids and GreatGrandkids

Grandparents, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, and Spouses
We hope you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year! Caroline is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for us on her new kitchen set-up. I think I hear her frying eggs, so it should be a fun day!