Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Monday, February 22, 2016

My Husband

 My husband is a man I love and admire.  Isn't marriage wonderful!?!?  I have had the honor of knowing him through the good times, normal times, and crazy times.  We have grown together, and each day I love him more.  Each marriage is unique and we have been through so many memories over the years that we have shared together.

Marriage was created and made by God.  After loving God, to me it is the second most important thing in a family.  We both love our children, but we always remind them that our relationship as husband and wife is very important to keep at the top of our family's pyramid.  We enjoy family vacations often, but it is always a treat just to go on a getaway just the two of us.  This allows us to be intentional about catching up with each other, talking about future goals and needs, and loving each other as our spouse.

Matt treated us to Petit Jean and it was beautiful!  I cannot wait to go back!  Beautiful trails, great food, and lots to do!  My kind of place!  Below are a few of our pictures from the weekend.  Enjoy!
Scenic Drive lookout 

Overview of Arkansas River

Morning sweet tea addict 

Colorful Rock we encountered on our morning walk

Creek coming from Cedar Falls

The Lodge

Inside of lodge

Living room at lodge

Sunday, February 21, 2016

This girl...

Y'all...this girl...she melts my heart.  We are so proud of her for a number of reasons.  I want to highlight a few of those reasons:
1)She has a HUGE heart.  She truly loves and cares for so many.  She cares for each and every kid in her class. She worries for them, she cries for them, she laughs with them, she learns with them, and she loves them.  She is having the time of her life making friends at school.  My morning prayer is that she always offers help and shows the love of Christ to others at school.  

2) This girl has a personality and she rocks it!  She loves performing right now.  Her teacher sent me this picture of Caroline showing her classmates her new chants/cheers from basketball season.  She is so much fun!
3)  And just who can resist this fun picture?  She wanted to wear my glasses while doing her homework and she is a little mini me at times. Sometimes I have flashbacks when I see pictures like below:)

We love her and we cannot WAIT to see what God has in store for her life.  I hope it is something BIG because she has a HUGE heart for HIM.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Enjoying the Good Stuff

 I have been focusing on the important things in life this month.  I have enjoyed my Matthew study.  Matthew is a book of the bible that I have read and read, over and over again.  BUT....this time it is different.  I have been applying my study bible sections and breaking down each word and prophecy.  I am learning and craving so much!!  Some nights my poor eyes are so tired, but my brain wants to keep going.
 I have said it plenty, but I will say it again...my favorite thing to do is go the park.  We love it!  Mills Park is our favorite for many reasons.  We had a blast a few weeks ago playing on the playground, riding bikes, laughing, and getting a walk in at the end.  Always a treat!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's Going On Around Here...

 I was passing through the halls this week and snapped a picture of our sweet school ambassador.  She was one of the two ambassadors for her class this first semester.   Want to talk about making a momma proud!  Each day on our way to school we talk about three things: 1)remember God loves you 2) show that love to others 3) and see if there is some way you can help someone today.  She will get the academics.  She will make friends and adjust as needed.  BUT... I hope she can always remember those three things as she advances in school.  I crammed so much knowledge in that little brain when she was younger, and now looking back I hope I have taught her and can continue to teach her about what really matters most in life.

I was up at the church a few weeks ago while they were cleaning out the welcome center and look what was found! Caroline has been wanting a Sardis shirt, but I did not order her one.  Well...just her luck they had an extra one!  She has been so excited to wear it to anywhere and everywhere she goes.  That girl loves her church!

And check out this sweet thing on the treadmill!  He is a momma's boy and you cannot get anything accomplished when he is around, but he sure is sweet!
and those curls...

Caroline got to celebrate 100 days of school last week.  Each kindergarten student was asked to make a hat, and Caroline chose to make hers out of vintage buttons.  We had so much fun looking through Mamaw Faye's old button collection, and she enjoyed sharing the memory of all the buttons with us.  I wanted to take a picture of Caroline with her hat and she insisted that Wyatt be in the pics also:) She is head over heels for that boy!

And ending with a little fun outside with sidewalk chalk on a fun afternoon!

My Valentine

My Little Mini Me

Caroline has become a little mini-me.  Sometimes that can be good and sometimes not so good... The girl can flip a switch like her Momma, gets emotional like her Momma, gets car sick like her Momma, is a spitting image at times of her Momma, and now she likes to shop like her Momma!!  She is at the age where she is opinionated about clothing, loves to shop, but is wise when it comes to spending her dollars.  We have had so much fun spending a little girl time together the past month while shopping!  

Snow Day 2016

We had a blast with our first and hopefully only snow day for 2016.  I enjoy seeing and playing in snow once a year, and after that I hope it goes away until next year.  I am also the person that enjoys the snow from the indoors, but that changed this year.  We had laughs and giggles sledding behind the four-wheeler, watching the kids play, and building a snowman.  We all enjoyed our day off from school and work, but hopefully one day is enough for the out of the norm weather we tend to have in our state.
Caroline and Natalie (her favorite classmate)
Caroline and Wyatt having a blast

Daddy and Wyatt

Uncle Roger and Wyatt
So much fun! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Wyatt is the BIG ONE

Getting ready for his favorite...cheese pizza
 Happy Birthday sweet boy!  We celebrated Wyatt's birthday on New Year's Eve.  We had family over for pizza and fellowship.  Wyatt has made our family complete and brings us joy.  He is a smiling, happy, joyful, and loving baby boy!
Our Family

Wyatt with his number one fan

Smash Cake

Yum! Yum!