Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, May 30, 2014

May by the I-Phone and...

 Isn't it handy to live life by the I-Phone.  No toting around a camera.  Taking as many pictures as you would like.  I look back to my childhood when my mother only had one option: gigantic camera that you had to develop the film to see the outcome.  Man, we have it easy and sometimes I forget just how easy.  We have enjoyed this past month of life, just as we enjoy every moment of life.  Below are a few photos to highlight our month.

1) Caroline finished swim for the season.  She has been taking swim since last September and we decided to take a break because warm weather is upon us and we can start swimming outside.  She ended this month in level 3, which was challenging, but she kept a smile and had a blast the entire time. 
 2) We went to Sonic and she loves to sit upfront during the visit, rolling down the window and waiving at the people next to us.  She is a corn dog eating machine.
 3) She has been my walking buddy over the past few weeks.  Since the weather has been nice in the mornings and evenings we have started walking outside again.  I am saying good-bye to the treadmill for the next few months and hitting the outdoors.  I enjoy the outdoors and can exercise for greater lengths outside.  No running for me this spring/summer....I will update you more on that  during the last picture.
 4) We went to visit Sidney and CJ.  The reason for this picture...what mom can get three car seats in the back of a Camry and buckled might I add...Wendy!  I sat up front and watched with amazement as she tackled the job.  The kids had a great time all riding in the same car. Kudos the Wendy!
 5) Caroline went on a fishing trip with Papaw and Mamaw and she caught her first fish!  They said she had a blast, but spent most of the time in the middle of the boat eating potato chips. This picture is a keeper in my books.
 6) My sweet husband....He has been away during the week for training and comes home on the weekends to paint, paint, and paint.  We are finished painting upstairs and he is beginning the floor installation this weekend. 
 7) We have had several family walks down our road over the past few weeks.  Caroline rides her bike while Matt and I follow along.  Our goal is to always make it to see the horses.  On this particular day, one of the horses was a little extra friendly.
 8) My Mother's Day ring that Caroline picked out for me.  She was so proud of this ring! 
 9) After a few years of prayer we decided this year that we needed to add to our family.  This February Matt and I decided that we were not getting any younger and Caroline was not getting any younger.  I finally accepted my answer from above and we began planning on adding to our family.  In April, we found out that we would be having one little addition to our family.  We have already went for our first ultrasound and return for our next visit in a few weeks.  Caroline is beyond excited to be a big sister.  She has had so much joy telling her friIends and loved ones that she is going to be a big sister.  I am so excited, nervous, and anxious to have a family of four. 

This pregnancy has already been different in so many ways.  I look forward to the next nine months of glowing!  Children are miracles from the Lord above!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 2014

 Looks like a monthly post is going to be how we work things around here for the next bit.  Below are a few highlights of our month of April.  The sunshine is out and we have been soaking it up!

1) Caroline looks cute...thanks Nenaw for the outfit.

2) Matt's Change of Command Ceremony- Matt has led his group of soldiers this past year.  He has done a wonderful job during deployment and during his time at Camp Robinson with group.  I have prayed many prayers over the past year during his deployment that he would make Godly decisions.  He gave up his commands this April due to current daily job changes.  It would a good learning experience, and I excited to see what the world has in store for 238th.  A sweet mother made the cookies for the ceremony.  Aren't they precious!

 3) We completed another month of swim- We have a water bug on our hands.  She loves the water.  She is in level three now.  There is a huge difference between level 2 and level 3, so she did have a huge learning curve, but she took the challenge with a smile.  She is the youngest in her level and I was so proud of the older kids for helping her and making her feel special.  I have to add a funny story so for memory sake.  The suit she is wearing below did not make through that night.  During the process that night somehow the elastic broke and the suit dropped and expanded four sizes way to big.  She got out of the pool with a sack on....nothing you can do but laugh!
 4) Mandisa Concert-  We worshiped and praised our Lord with Mandisa and Brandon Heath.  How many Mandisa concerts do you think this girl will go to in her lifetime?  This was our second concert with Mandisa and our favorite.  I love gettting to worship with my daughter, it is a treasure that I do not take lightly.
 5) Wiener Roast- one of my favorite memories with the Moren side of the family.  
 6) Swim Time- who says it is to cold to jump into the pool?  Not Caroline.  She is ready for summer to be in full force.
 7) Cooked with my first plantain chip- A healthy alternative to regular chips.  If you are looking to cut carbs, gluten, etc. you should try this fruit chip.  It taste like a regular dorito chip, but beware that you can only purchase them at certain health food stores...and if you are like me (cheap) your chin may hit the floor when you find out the price.
 8) We went to Little Rock Childen's Week with the HIPPY kids and met Nenaw and P for the morning stroll at the mall.
 9) I love this recent facebook post from Lysa.  If we could just apply this to our lives daily what a difference it would make.
 10) Lunch with Mom and Caroline-  We got to meet my mom for lunch and do a little shopping with my mom this past week.  It brings back memories and makes me so happy inside to have shopping days with my mom.

11) Know is here-  For this baby we have prayed!  Jennifer and Justin have a baby!  I have prayed and prayed for this child.  I tell you...when you get to hold a blessing that you have prayed for...nothing can beat that feeling.  I was joyous to meet Knox.  He was precious!

Happy April from the Ritchie crew...bring on May!