Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Favorite Patient

Guess who came to see me this past week...my favorite patient!   Caroline loves to come see me at work and she HAS to have her teeth cleaned each time.  She is a wonderful patient!

Friday, March 22, 2013

View of Our Week from the I-Phone

New Study (Great Book for all levels of Christianity)

Caroline and Papaw

Swimming in March

As close as we will EVER get to a mini-van

Caroline after her haircut

Shopping for Vacation

Me and Jensen

Caroline and MiMi

Yard Work

Hope you have a great weekend...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Update

 Oh my, oh my!  We have been staying busy.  It is spring time and the last thing that has crossed my mind has been the blog, but I wanted to share some highlights from this month.

Highlight #1) Matt will be home in less than 2 months!  It is hard to explain just how excited I am that my husband will be home.  We are headed to California for our vacation this summer and our family is thrilled.  We will be visiting San Diego, Anaheim, LA, Santa Barbara, Monterey, and San Francisco.

 Highlight #2) Caroline and I attended the Mandisa Concert.  I wish you could see the way this little girl praised...she never stopped dancing the first half of the concert.  After intermission was a different story...she gave out for the night and fell asleep.
 Highlight #3)  We finished sorting and matching thousands of Easter eggs for our church egg hunt.  It took us three weeks and plenty of help, but I hope each child is shown love as they pick up each egg.
 Highlight #4)  Attending the State Volunteer Workshop and meeting Adjutant General Wofford.  My brain is packed with information.
March has had many highlights, changes, and blessings for our family.   Please continue to pray for our family.