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Ritchie Crew

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wyatt's Newborn Photos

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Month as a Family of Four

 Family of Four-still feels weird to think that we have two children now.  I have enjoyed having two kiddos to love, feed, bathe, and teach every little second.  Caroline has been such a big help with Wyatt.  We have enjoyed lots of family time this month.  Below is a recap from this month.

1. Our welcome home dinner from Barry.  We had lots of family and sweet friends bring us dinner the first few weeks after arriving home with Wyatt.  Thank you all for your time and cooking.  Barry made us his delicious steak dinner our first night home. You have no idea how good a steak can taste until you taste the steaks he cooks!
2.  Wyatt spending time with me on his first morning home.
 3. Caroline and Wyatt before church.
 4.  Wyatt's one week check-up.
 5.  Caroline's Big Sister board made by Shelby and Debby.  She was so proud!
 6.  Caroline moved up a level in gymnastics.  She is learning all sorts of new things.
 7.  Wyatt blowing bubbles in his sleep.
 8.  My Little Man
 9.  Caroline and Wyatt-she enjoys holding him, feeding him, and burping him.  She loves everything about him!
 10.  Lots of walks with my little man.
 11.  Family Walk
 12.  If you need a personal stylist...I know someone that might be cheap. She loves to dress herself right now.
 13.  Received a gymnastics ribbon.
 14.  Daddy/Daughter work day.  We now have two trees in our yard.
 15.  Caroline and her Papaw Waylon.