Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jump, Hop, Skip

 Jump...Hop...Skip...time has not stopped and we have not stopped fast forwarding.  Time is going by fast this month. We have not spent an entire day at home in what feels like forever.  It has just been me and kiddos the majority of this month.  I am ready to see my husband!  It has been a busy month and I have been sleeping good at night!  Here are a few of our highlights on the run from the past few weeks.

1) Stayed at a cabin on Lake Norfork and went to see Lakyn graduate.
2)Shopping with cousins
 3) Antique shopping with Great Grandparents
 4) Caroline and MiMi at Kindergarten Preview Day
 5) Caroline and Mrs. Amy-HIPPI teacher
 6) Wyatt and Uncle Jared
 7) Everyone needs a laundry basket picture...sibling love
 8) Wyatt has started eating baby food, and he loves every.single.thing.
 9) Somebody will be crawling soon.
 10) Mini trip to Fort Smith
 11) Swimming with Daddy
 12) Fun with friends in Bentonville
 13) Caroline and Mrs. Sonya at the park.
 14) Chloe and Wyatt
 15) Park fun
 16) Isn't this picture precious?!? I know!! Wyatt's first time to ride with sis driving!
 17) Pool time
 18)  I love watching these two play at the park.  Makes my heart full.
 19) And it doesn't get any sweeter the early morning pictures.
 20) MiMi brought Caroline back a Ucayali from Hawaii.
 21) Someone lost their first tooth...guess who
We are running into July...ready, set, go!

Caroline and Jensen

Summer cousin love...