Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jensen and Caroline

Caroline and I traveled to Searcy to keep Jensen last weekend. This was the first time I had taken Caroline with me while babysitting. They were angels! They both took a nap at the same time and Caroline was such a big help with Jensen. Caroline loves to hug Jensen, but Jensen does not know what to think about someone constantly hugging her.

I did realize that I am just fine with one child at the moment. For now...Caroline will get all of the love.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Memphis-Day 2

We had breakfast Sunday morning and then headed to the Children's Museum in Memphis. We did not realize just how much Caroline would enjoy the museum, but she glowed with excitement the entire time.

Just like Mommy...she is showing her patient how to brush the back of the tongue;)

Get your groove on Daddy

She would have stayed in Kroger all day. The workers give the children fake money and they can shop and then check-out at the register. Caroline adored it!

Now for our screen actors...so funny to watch them walk across the screen.

Caroline exercising

Sunday evening we went to Beale Street and to ride the trolley downtown.

After spending the afternoon downtown, we headed over to Mud Island to watch fireworks for July 4th.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Memphis-Day 1

I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog. We have been enjoying playing outside every night till dark. Caroline is learning and absorbing so much information; it amazes me and Matt each day. She is saying full sentences and has her shapes down like a pro. She is starting to fill in the ABCs for me. If I stop singing she will say the next letter ( usually G, H, K, P). Her favorite items right now are tractors and lawn mowers.

Today is Friday! It was only a three day work week, but I am ready for the weekend. Caroline and I have a lots of things to do today, so we will see how many we can get checked off our list. We are busy bees on Fridays. Below is a picture that I took at Mamaw and Papaw's house last week. I just adore the picture.

This is Caroline's brushing habit at the current time...walk around with the brush till we brush all of our teeth! She does have an electric brush also, but we have found that she does not want to give up the electric brush when brushing time is finished.

My two favorite people...
We decided last minute that we would head out on the 4th of July weekend. We looked anywhere from Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Destin, Chicago, etc. We looked at driving...we looked at flying. With only one week to plan and after being on the computer every night trying to find a nice place last minute...we decided to put the computer down and go to Memphis.

Thank goodness we did, because Caroline had a blast! We left Friday afternoon to go pick up Daddy from work.

We arrived in Memphis Friday evening, checked in our room, and went to eat at Happy Mexican. Matt's plate was so large at the restaurant that it was making me sick to watch him eat the entire platter. Caroline ate her weight in chips and salsa.

Does anyone know where Caroline is?

We headed out early the next morning to the Memphis Zoo. We packed water bottles and loaded the sunscreen on Caroline. It ended up being so nice outside. Just perfect! They had lots of shade a it was cooler than we had anticipated. We made through the entire zoo before nap time...Matt and I were pretty impressed, because Caroline takes a early nap.

This picture cracks me up! Matt and were talking about how nasty it would be to pay to have a foot massage at the zoo. Think about all the nasty feet that have been on the same message system. Then up jumps Caroline...don't worry...we did not take her shoes off!

Caroline's favorite...the rooster. Grandma Etta Junior

Teton Trek...memories of our honeymoon

Daddy's favorite
After the zoo we were so surprised that Caroline stayed awake for lunch. We enjoyed Bar-B-Q at the original Corky's. The food was good and the service was amazing. Great atmosphere and a must for anyone who is heading to Memphis.

I will post more from the weekend trip this tomorrow. Tomorrow Caroline and I will be heading to Searcy to see Jensen.