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Ritchie Crew

Friday, January 31, 2014

Caroline and Jensen

How have I not blogged about Jensen and Caroline recently? They are best friends, cousins, and act like sisters. The love they show for each other warms me with happiness. Yesterday I had another date with the two amigos and we went to Sifted Flour Bakery, Kroger, and Leah's. I kept waiting for the two giggle girls to fall asleep after their long day, but they just laughed the whole way home.

I cannot describe in words the love these two have for one another, but as I gaze upon their love I am reminded of memories I had with Jared as a child. My love for my brother is strong, protective, and never-ending. I know these two girls have many more giggles, laughter, and love in their future.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Matt started a new adventure this week so we had a girls week. We started the week off with a trip to the park with Peggy, Karen, Zoey, and Charlie....

Then a Jensen/Caroline date night (nothing like makeup).

Then daddy came home Friday and requested Larry's Pizza.

Yesterday was a nice day to go for a ride. I forgot during the winter months just how much I enjoyed the outdoors.

We are off for another week of this blessed life. If you are reading this blog my wish for you is to speak to your child about how blessed they are to have the life they live each day. I had two opportunities this week to speak to Caroline about the blessings God has given to her. Some may be big and some may be big in our eyes, but they are all enormous blessings from God. Have a great week!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gymnastics/Jonesboro and More

We made a visit to Jonesboro last weekend to meet Elliot and see Salie. Children are special gifts from God. I always enjoy my time with Holly and Tara.

Caroline was excited about our road trip. She is a joy to laugh with in the car. We stopped at mcalisters and had a late lunch together. We have the best one-on-one conversations when we go out for lunch.

And...we officially started gymnastics this week. We stopped in town on the way home to choose a few leotards. She is enjoying gymnastics and only after a few weeks she has improved her formation and hand placement.

I wanted to share this snap with you below. This is how I currently feel about my time with Caroline. I wish I could bottle up all our memories.

And while we are on snaps I enjoy, check out this from Lysa T. I plan on making this my words of wisdom for all our married friends. This can apply to anything. You should pray over your marriage, child, job, or life more than you speak about it. Lysa is coming to Russellville in February if you are interested check out her website.

We went to our first swim meet in Little Rock this week. We cheered on Lakyn. That girl can swim!

Baby doll injury this week...Caroline took baby to the doctor. After the examination bandages were needed and baby is healing well. Baby will have fingers back just a soon as mommy finds a new baby;)

Caroline decided to have "daddy/daughter date night. Since we were already in town she decided that I could go also.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014