Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am getting to where I do not carry my camera with me, so from now on you will probably be seeing pictures taken with my phone. I guess I am just getting a little bit lazy!

Caroline and I traveled to the see Dr. Sanders today for her 2 year old check-up appointment. She was sweet and a perfect angel. She visited with a few other girls until it was time for her appointment. She passed all the assessments to check for any delays or autism. Her head circumference is in the 40%, height 85%, and weight at 45%.

What was supposed to be a check-up turned into what I expected. Double ear infection...the story of my life! Poor Caroline! She has battled ear infection after ear infection. She is going to be taking antibiotics again, but we may be looking into alternates plans the next time she has an infection.

Cheese! She closes her eyes now when she smiles...she is a big cheeser!
After the appointment we went to meet Matt for lunch. I thought it would be a good idea on our way home to wash me car. I just knew Caroline would love the car wash. Her reaction is shown below. She kept screaming stop the shaking, I want in Daddy's car. But then....
...she could not get enough of the car wash. Again Again Again Again

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Put Me in Coach

What a nice day...We have been up to a lot of nothing...but at the same time a lot of something. It was so nice to have Will come over and play today. Caroline is his number one fan!

Caroline has horrible allergies which requires a prescription nose spray. Forget the otc meds and move along to prescriptions for this little girl. She also has prescription cough medicine. This week her allergies decided to take a turn for the worse. We started the nose spray and cough medicine, but nothing seemed to kick the cough at night. We used all the tricks in the book. So Thursday and Friday night our entire family was up wishing we could help Caroline stop coughing. Once the drainage starts, then the coughing, and then....she gets sick. Once she starts vomiting she cannot stop. She gets so emotional and worked up. Once we reach this point there is no sleep and we move from room to room trying to find a comfortable place for her to sleep.

She caught up on her sleep and slept five hours yesterday. I finally had to go wake the sleeping beauty up. Last night, she slept great; she is actually still asleep. Thank goodness!

My grandfather has also been in the hospital with bleeding ulcers. So if you are a praying warrior out there, please pray for my grandfather's comfort and for my grandma. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Phone Photos

Below are a few phone photos from the past week...I just love every moment with this sweet girl. Below she is sporting her new Toms from Mrs. Brittany...spoiled rotten!

Whitley and Caroline

Watching the church team play ball

My Sweet Girl

Sunday Twinkies

Proud Papaw and Caroline

Friday, October 7, 2011

Caroline is 2!

Caroline is 2! She celebrated her second birthday party at The Little Gym in Little Rock. Her favorite thing to do right now is jump and flip, so Matt and I thought it would be perfect to celebrate her birthday at The Little Gym. Everyone had a great time running, flipping, jumping, bouncing, and playing. We enjoyed it so much, it might a future idea for next year.

My two favorite people...


Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us! Caroline has the best little friends! More pictures to follow...

Hat Day

Caroline's teacher sent me this picture from Hat Day at school...she was still rocking her hat!