Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Branson 2012

Chinese Buffet on Thanksgiving
 Caroline and I spent Thanksgiving in Branson this year.  Matt and I laughed because this is the second Thanksgiving that we have not been home and we have went out to eat on Thanksgiving Day.  Last year we were on our way back from Mexico and we stopped at Shoney's(the only place open).  This year Caroline and I had our Thanksgiving meal at a Chinese Buffet.  We LOVED it.  The store sign explains why we stopped.  Turkey crab leg? Hum. Let's check it out.  Matt...I know you are laughing as you read this sign. 

The great thing about Branson on Thanksgiving is the town is alive.  Things do not stop, stores do not close, and everyone is excited for Christmas.  Thanksgiving morning we left the condo to find Santa's sleigh and reindeer..but then...we spotted Santa!  Caroline is a HUGE Santa fan this year.  Yesterday she wrote her letter to Santa.  When my mother told me about the letter, I wanted to cry and laugh all at the same time.  She is such a loving and caring little girl.  I will save the Santa letter for another post.
Mommy and Caroline, Thanksgiving 2012

Caroline and Santa
 Caroline kept telling Santa she was ready for Christmas.  She is not even interested in the gifts and presents, but she realizes that something magical happens during the Christmas season.  I wish I could bottle up that magic for her.  I have wondered and thought greatly lately...how do I keep the magic alive for her, but balance Santa and Christ?  Even though we talk about nativities, baby Jesus, three wise men, giving to others, etc., somehow I feel like Santa still rises to the top.  Any suggestions?  I read an article this weekend about even though we give during the Christmas season, sometimes we give unneeded items instead of love and our presence.  How true!  I thought about that this previous week as I went to go look our our angel tree at church.  I thought I can pick up a toy for a child, but how amazing would it be if I could give one of these children my love and care.  Just something to ponder...

Caroline at The Landing

Caroline at The Landing
Hope you all have a great week!  I am waiting on sleepy head to wake and then we are headed to Story Time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SCDC Thanksgiving

I had the privilege of eating Thanksgiving lunch with my daughter today at school.  Matt and I are so thankful for some many things that God has given us.  Caroline is one of the biggest blessings that God has given us.  What a joy she has been to our family!

Take a moment this Thanksgiving to thank God for all the blessing he has given you.  The list is unending....

Hardy Wedding

On my way to Hardy this weekend I took in all of the fall colors and changing of trees.  Gorgeous.  I took my first set of wedding pictures.  The bride was calm and the wedding was stunning.  They had this simple burlap backdrop hanging about twenty-five feet from two trees. 

Now that I am a married woman, I have a different outlook on weddings.  Even though I was taking pictures during the wedding, I constantly prayed that the couple have a marriage that is filled with God.  A marriage that is Christ-centered.  Matt and I grow closer everyday, because God draws us closer every moment.  I ache for those marriages that I see without Christ.  I rejoice in love!

I also need to ask all of the prayer warriors out there to pray for my friend.  My friend's mother passed away unexpected.   Prayer is needed.

I am off work today, because Caroline has her class party.  I am not a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but with Caroline by my side it will taste delicious.  Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's getting close to....

 ....Christmas!  Now give me just a second.  We do celebrate Thanksgiving at our house, but we are overly excited to bring on a little holiday season.  We have a busy week next week and then we will be on a short vacation later this month so we decided to start breaking out the Christmas decor early.  Matt knows my favorite part of Christmas is listening to the music...and guess what folks?!?!  It is already playing on television!  I love it! 

Christmas already??? Hum?

Decorating my tree this year all by MYSELF

The start of our family tree

Thanks Braden for my outfit
Hope you have a great week!  We are off to pack a shoe box.  Operation Christmas Child is a great way to send love, prayer, and share the good new of Jesus Christ to a child.  Visit HERE to see how you can help and share Christ with a child.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clubhouse Jr.

Chuck the Duck came to visit us today.  MiMi bought Caroline a subscription to Clubhouse Jr.  and our first packet came in the mail today, which included stickers, postcards, color-in poster, and a monthly activity magazine.  This magazine focuses on the family and is Christian based.  Thanks MiMi!

Happy Halloween

We started our Halloween celebrations off yesterday at SCDC.  They had a Fall Ball full of fun.  Caroline's class was assigned the snack portion of yesterday and I would say as a class we fulfilled that responsibility.  There were so many unique snacks that the kids made. 

 Aren't these spiders adorable?
 And check out these pumpkins
 The children made pumpkins during the festival, and Caroline made a pink pumpkin:)

Throw the ring on the spider legs
Toss to the Ghost

Aunt Karen came to visit

Caroline's Teachers, Ms. Amber and Ms. Velma

Caroline caught a HUGE fish!

Caroline standing proud beside her 3rd place pumpkin.
 Amber will never know how great of an influence she is to my child.  I wish I could have Amber each and every year.  She guides them with Christian values, teaches with care, and loves unconditionally.
Caroline and Ms. Amber

 We left yesterday afternoon to head to Fordyce to celebrate Halloween with Nenaw and P.  That evening we went to their church for Trunk-or-Treat.  Caroline had fun with Sandra and Nenaw handing out Bibles and candy.
Caroline, P, and Nenaw

Aubrey, Caroline, and Peyton

Baileigh and Caroline