Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wyatt Matthew Ritchie

We are excited to share our newest member of our family with you... Wyatt Matthew Ritchie

Birthing Day

 This post is mainly going to be about my hospital stay and our New Year's Eve.  I will share more about Wyatt in tomorrow's post.  I had a scheduled date to induce Wednesday, December 31.  Dr. Burton was on call that particular day and my body was dilated to a 3, so he turned on the green light and said go!  After thinking it through for a few days I began to think that a New Year's Eve birthday for Wyatt would be a fun day to celebrate his birth each year.

The hospital scheduled us to arrive at 7:00 in the morning.  Matt and I arrived at the hospital ready to welcome another member into our family.  We got back within 20 minutes and the nurses did not waste anytime.  Medical history and IVs were knocked out quickly while Dr. Burton waited to break water.  With Caroline this part of the birth experience was easy...with Wyatt this part was the most uncomfortable part of the day.  Dr. Burton came in to break the water and could not tell after multiple attempts if he had completely broken the membrane, so we had a change of plans.  Epidural was given immediately and then Dr. Burton was able to successfully rupture the membrane.

Now it was the waiting game.  The nurses started the pitocin and we waited patiently until around 8:00 p.m. when Wyatt was ready to meet us.  Dr. Burton headed to the hospital and at 8:27 Wyatt Matthew Ritchie joined our family.  Wyatt's delivery was another successful, easy, and an amazing experience.  Wyatt weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches long.  He was just perfect, and a blessing and miracle from the Lord.

family photo while waiting on Wyatt

Wyatt's door hanger

Wyatt Matthew Ritchie

Welcome to the outside world

My little boy

Mommy and Wyatt

Our Family

Daddy and Wyatt

Papaw Troy, MiMi, and Wyatt

P, Nenaw, and Wyatt

Caroline helping the nurse clean Wyatt

Big Sis giving Wyatt a bath

Mommy and Wyatt

first picture at home
Dear Wyatt,
On December 31 you completed our family.  You added so much joy.  We prayed for you for months.  We prayed for you to be strong and courageous for the Lord.  That prayer is how we decided on your name. I will always pray the same prayer as you grow.  You have a sister that adores you and has asked to be a big sister for years.  The love that she has for you is a huge and abundant love.  You have brought happiness to our family.  I cannot describe the thankfulness that I feel that God gave you to us.  You will always be loved.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas 2014

 Oh the joy!  We had another wonderful Christmas.  Caroline had so much happiness in the preparation of Christmas this year.  We made gingerbread houses, moved our elf (Elfie) each night, shared time with family, celebrated the birth of Jesus, opened presents from Santa, and participated in the church Christmas play.
Just what she wanted from Santa...baby doll pacifiers

Christmas kisses

a girl always needs more flip-flops

frozen sunglasses

helping Mommy open presents from Daddy 

What could this be under the tree?

A tent!  Daddy-Daughter time

showing off her baby doll pacifiers 

Caroline and Jensen

There is something about these two...something that everyone sees.  They fight, fuss, and love like sisters.  It makes me happy inside to see these two care for each other with a heart full of love.  I glanced from across the room to see this photo opportunity.  Jared and I spent many hours banging on this piano and now to see our children sitting on the same bench gives me an abundance of joy.

Baby Shower for Wyatt

 My sweet friends gave Wyatt a baby shower in November.  The theme was vintage airplanes (nursery theme) and they worked really hard to make us feel special!  What would a gal do without supporting, accepting, funny, and lovable friends?  I have some of the most caring friends and family!  Thank you to all who came to celebrate the special day for Wyatt.
Hostesses (Julie, myself, Kim, Jennifer, and Peggy)
cakes made by Julie
cakes made by Julie
cakes made by Julie

Caroline with Nana and her Big Sister shirt