Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Matt and I are lonely...Caroline is spending time with grandparents this weekend and we really miss her! Caroline had tubes placed last Monday and the nurses warned us that when she awoke from the anesthesia that she would not be happy. Well...they were correct. Caroline was not a happy baby. She did not know where she was, she did not know what was going on, and she got sick quite a bit before arriving home. I only took off a half day of work since Matt was off due to the holiday. It was so hard to leave her and go to work. After being home for a few hours she was back to her sweet and energetic self. We go back to the doctor for a check-up appointment this week so we will keep you all posted on the results. We hope this minimizes the ear infections.

Friday, February 17, 2012


We had had a fun day packed full of learning. We started off with a few of our Oberlander activities and then Caroline decided to break out her pennies Papaw Waylon had given her and put them in the piggy bank. She then proceeded to put penny by penny in the shopping cart. She said, Momma, I take my pennies to Wal-Mart to get apple juice. She cracks me up! All was well, until...

....we decided to go outside to pretend to go to Wal-Mart. Her shopping cart overturned when we hit and bump and her porcelain piggy bank broke into several pieces. She went crazy! Started crying so hard, she made herself sick. MiMi came to the rescue with my old piggy bank from when I was a little girl. At first Caroline did not want a thing to do with the other piggy bank, but I think she has started to warm up to the bank. As I put her in bed for her afternoon nap she proceeded to ask me, Momma do you think my new bank is pretty? Of course, I responded. She then said, I guess I might keep it. She took one last look at the new bank and then her eyes shut. I guess it has the stamp of approval.

Getting ready to go to Wal-Mart

Caroline's Bank

Last picture of Caroline and her baby bank:(

Valentine's Day

Our family had a great Valentine's Day. Caroline enjoyed her party at her school that morning and brought home lots of candy and cards. MiMi and Papaw babysitting for us while Matt surprised me with tickets to Blue Map Group. The show is not what I expected...kind of hard to explain...but a must see that you need to put on your list. Thanks Matt for the surprise! Matt is such a good valentine everyday! Thanks for being a great husband!

Caroline enjoying one of her Valentine gifts

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

We are waiting for a ice/rain mixture tonight and tomorrow morning. If it is going to come, it would be nice if it would works its way in tonight that way we can have a family day at home tomorrow instead of on the road in traffic.

The Morens were out of town today, so we had lunch just the three of us after church. We made Weight Watchers Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. I have been on and off of Weight Watchers beginning the day after we came home from the hospital with Caroline. Sometimes I am hardcore and other times I am not, but I have a big announcement...I only have 10 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal weight. That is a big deal! I now weigh less than what I did before I found out I was pregnant with Caroline and I would like to get to my goal weight before the end of this year.

I know I am doing so good on Weight Watchers this time due to my accountability partners; one partner at work and one church friend. Peggy, my church accountability partner, is amazing! We each have 5 internal goals we would like to reach this year and I am strongly working my way to the five. I spoke with Peggy this morning about finally finding peace with my eating and I am finally craving God more than craving food. Thanks Peggy for all your support!

Another reason to continue Weight Watchers is for Caroline. Now, she does not always choose to eat the Weight Watchers meals, but isn't it nice for her to see the healthy option or portion control at such a young age. It is also a great bonding tool and teaching tool.
And on to a different subject...my two favorite people!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daily Highlight

Daily Highlight= Making Matt's Paleo Pizza

It what such a simple thing that made today's highlight; cooking a family pizza. Matt has this new recipe that he loves to cook and we all chipped in today to help with his creation. The main difference in the pizza is the dough is made from almond wheat and does not contain cheese as a topping. Great job family on a healthy pizza!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Update

I have decided that it may be easier to have a weekly update rather than a daily update. Oh this week has been busy! Matt arrived home last night from his work trip to South Carolina. Thank goodness! I was missing my husband! I did not break out my camera this week, I just kept it simple with the phone photos. Below are a few of the many highlights from this past week.

Highlight #1) Playing ball outside. Thanks Holly and John for my bat and ball!
Highlight #2) Breaking out the elephant hat. We purchased this hat on our cruise last year and Caroline now loves to wear it with a multitude of other hats.
Highlight #3) Mom and Dad made this football sculpture for the church SOUPER Bowl announcement. The youth collected over 500 cans of food for the food pantry this past Sunday. Great job Mom!
Highlight #4) We went to Applebees for breakfast to help support Lana's Senior Fundraiser. Caroline had a great time with the family, but it was a long day with Caroline getting car sick twice in one day....and we are going on a big road trip this summer....wish us luck!
Highlight #5) Miles and I were sitting in the living room and we heard Caroline and Daddy saying Come and find us, so we went to play hide and seek. Does anyone know where Caroline and Daddy are hiding?
Highlight #6) Cleaning the car-seat. Does this count as a highlight? It does because my sweet Momma helped me clean it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What do you have in your yard?

What do you have in your yard? Grandparents, friends, and church members have been asking the million dollar question. Now I know where this question is going...the black birds. The black birds are everywhere in our yard! Everywhere! I thought at first it was just me imagining the multitude, but now I know I am not alone. This morning before Caroline's appointment she said, Mommy those birds are back. More than ten. My little girls was right, way more than ten. Why do they like our yard so much?

Caroline had an evaluation today for tubes. The doctor said her ears were clear again today, but since we are having a multitude of antibiotics we could choose to have tubes placed if we wanted. Are you crazy? Sign us up! Anything to help this little girl! We will be having tubes placed this next month.