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Ritchie Crew

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Little Chef

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Memories 2013

We always have lots to celebrate during the Christmas Season.  We have great friends, our health, wonderful family members, and most importantly a tiny baby was born that became our Prince of Peace and our Savior.  God sent His Son to save us.  Merry Christmas!

Below is a collage of pictures from our holiday celebrations.
Caroline and Miss Amber at SCDC party

Mary and Joseph in the Christmas Play

My caring Mary

Sardis children during the Christmas Play

Caroline and Jacob at SCDC party

Hanna, Greyson, and Madison

Chad and Hannah


Caroline and Greyson ready to open gifts

Jared and Caroline

Diaper bag from Aunt Karen for baby Sarah

Grandma Etta and Papaw Don
Caroline and Greyson
Book from MiMi
Matt gets a new rug...
Jared and Megan
Oh my!  Look what Santa brought to MiMi and Papaw's house
Jensen and Caroline
Papaw Troy with his girls
Surprise MiMi
Santa came!  Twin Stroller!
Look what I got!

Thank you Daddy for Monster's Univeristy

Nenaw, P, Whitley, Addison, and Caroline

Caroline, Addison, and Whitley
Nenaw and Caroline with her new apron 

Whitley and Caroline
 We had a wonderful time this Christmas Season.  We celebrated with 10 different parties and we are laying low today, playing around the house, and putting up Christmas decor.  Caroline was entertaining herself, and she was playing with her dolls.  She told us she was loaded up in her minivan with all her babies.  That girl loves babies!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jensen turns 3!

 Friday night we celebrated Megan's graduation and Saturday morning we had a joint graduation/birthday party.  Check out the picture below....isn't my husband so darn adorable?!?!  I just adore my family! 
My Family
 Uncle Miles comes and stays with us each weekend drill takes place at Camp Robinson.  Caroline and Miles are two peas in a pod.  Have you ever met a person that is always positive and you always enjoy their company?  That is Miles.  I love listening to he and Matt laugh and carry on.  We wish the Mason family a Merry Christmas!
 Saturday morning the men had drill, but Caroline and I loaded up for Megan and Jensen's party.  We celebrated in the church cafe with chili, games, and presents. 
Me and Nana
 Below is one of my new favorite pictures.  I inspire to be more like my Mamaw.  She is not perfect, but she sure is a Godly woman who serves others with love.  I wish I could bottle up these memories forever. 
Me and Mamaw
 Megan asked me to help her make these minions for the bowling game during the party.  I have to selfishly admit that I did get tired of painting so many layers of yellow and I got tired of seeing them on my kitchen counter.  But...they turned out perfect.  I have not even seen Despicable Me 2!  Thank you Megan for asking me to help with the party.   

Whoop Whoop, Jensen, and Caroline
 Fun to watch the kids play limbo...how low can they go?
 I got to go shopping with these two lovely ladies.  They are my 'little cousins' we are not so little anymore.  Why did they grow up so fast.  They took me shopping and helped me corral a tired little girl all afternoon.  We pulled up at the Alcoa Shopping Center and I had to take a deep breath...there were so many people!  I do not enjoy crowds of people when shopping.  We had the most enjoyable time.

Love my cousins

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I thought about grouping this into a post of all of our events from today, but then I thought this deserved its own post. Megan, my sister-in-law, graduated from nursing school last night.  I was so proud and happy for her to be able to complete this journey.  But...why am I really proud of her?

I am proud of her because she has entered my family as one of our own.  I am completely guessing...because...I have a lack of dates, but I would say she and Jared have been married for about three years.  In my younger family years I never thought about what my sister-in-law would be like.  It never crossed my mind of the kind of woman my brother would marry.  Then one day, my little brother informed me he would be getting married.  Now...I am a very protective sister and my he would always be my little brother.  I was close to my brother growing up and so for my little brother to tell me he was getting married was like a child was leaving a mother's nest. 

The wedding came and went.  Everyone's life was busy that year and the next.  But this year I have thought many times of how Megan's love for our family is our own.  I love her and would do anything for her.  We treat each other like sisters and she treats my mother and father like her own parents.  We are open, honest, loving, and caring.  I am so glad my little brother found her!  Congrats Megan!  We love you!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Iced In?

We were "iced" in for a few days last week. It really was not bad at all but it gave us a good excuse to sit around the house and watch movies.

My favorite memory over the years has been playing cards with my grandparents. We played skip-Bo as a couple and the competition got heated! I am so blessed to still get to spend so much time with my grandparents.

Then we headed to my parents house to decorate gingerbread men. I decorated my gingerbread woman as if she was going to swim class with Caroline.

Our elfie-cod has been all over our house. Last week he got into the peanut butter. Now...you may be asking why peanut butter. Well, Caroline will NOT try peanut butter out of the jar. She loves peanut butter in cookies, good and flavoring but will not eat it out of a jar. She flipped wen she saw elfie-cod had eaten it straight out I the jar!

Church was canceled on Sunday but our girls Sunday school group decided to continue with our plans. We went out for lunch and then had fun trying out out painting skills. We painted Christmas ornaments. Everyone had a wonderful time! And...my apron already looked like that before I started.

Several of the patients cancelled on Monday due to the weather so I got to see my two favorite patients! Sweet Caroline helped me clean Daddy's teeth.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Our Christmas activities are beginning tomorrow.