Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August is here...

The summer went by FAST!  Caroline is back to school and Wyatt is back in his daily groove.  Wyatt and I had haircuts this morning and I went to have lunch with Caroline.  What a great day!?!?  Below are a few of our August highlights:

1) Caroline started 1st grade...she is a big girl and loving it!  She enjoys each day, but wishes she did not have to get up so early...don't we all:)
 2) We celebrated Mrs. Angela's birthday with her this past month at gymnastics.
 3)  This little monkey was excited to ride in a booster to our neighbors house...he thought he was hot stuff.
 4) Making his daily phone calls.
 5) Cheryl and I ran our first 5K and we rocked it!  Not sure if we will ever beat this time.  The course was all flat and it was 73 degrees, so we had that in our favor.  Our next race is downtown on August 27.  We will be raising money in our next race for Easter Seals as we roll on the river.  Running has been a great mind releaser for me the last few months.
 6) Two peas in a pod after we finished our race on Lake Degray.
 7)  The prettiest 5k location to date....better scenery than Pruett Road.  A change of scenery is always good for a run.

 8) When you can't make it to the salon, who do you call?  Aunt Karen to the rescue!  She might have a second calling.
 9) And check out who is jumping in the pool!  Wyatt is loving the water this month...and now it is getting colder:(
 10)  These camera hams cheesing it up for the camera.
 11)  Caroline with two of her best buds: Natalie and Addison.
 12) Open House at EEE...1st grade here she comes!
 13) Caroline with her new teacher, Mrs. Martin.
 14) And of course, we had to go say hi to Mrs. Williamson and Avery.
 15)  We went to see the new Price home and play one evening.  Thanks Amanda for dinner and the hospitality!

 16) Wyatt making a few more phone calls:)
 17) Are you ever too big for a rocker?  Why no!  Chillaxing
 18)  Check out these two cotton tops going for a stroll in the convertible.  Watch out ladies!
 19)  Big boy haircut today!