Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Papaw

Happy Birthday Papaw! We went over to MiMi and Papaw's house tonight for a cookout with family and friends. Papaw is the big 51! Caroline loves her Papaw!We went outside today to wait on Daddy. Caroline was so funny pointing at every car and saying Da Da. After the car would pass, she would look at me with confussion. We did get the usual honks.

Great Papaw Moren and Caroline taking a little ride...the daily usual

Oh My Stars!

Oh my stars used to be my favorite things to say in college. My friends would comment about the phrase quite often. It is a perfect comment for just about anything that one should face in conversation. This past week I bet I said Oh my stars a million times as I walked past our guest bedroom. The reason why? I am a clean freak! I love for everything to have a place...but this week that is not the case. We are getting ready for Caroline's first birthday party, and the launch area is the guest bedroom. Everything throughout the week is being placed in the bedroom so this weekend all I have to do is load everything up and go go go! I still have 15 more poms to make and a few beta fish and balloons to gather at the last minute. Oh my stars!

Here are three of my favorite September Birthday people! Will and Caroline share the same Birthday...how special! Caroline calls Will...ill. She goes crazy over Will!

Here is the soon to be Birthday girl with her new chair and table set. Thanks Nenaw and P!
Oh, I hope this week settles down. We have been go go go all week long! Matt is in Earle as we speak and will be home any second now! Woo Hoo! We need to see our Daddy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update

It seems like all I do are weekend updates...that is because the week is jammed full of activities, work, and family time. Then the weekend rolls around and we are jammed pack again! I was looking in my planner and I honestly only see two weekends that are not full of activies before Thanksgiving.

The Ritchie family is excited about the upcoming month of October. We will be celebrating Caroline's Birthday, Matt's graduation, Halloween, and many more events in between. Mixed in with all of the fun our little girl is walking EVERYWHERE! We went to Jackson's party today, and she was weaving in and out, up and down, and between people. I am loving every step! I did not get any pictures today from the party, because I left my camera in the car, and the car was a good bit down the road...Happy Birthday Jackson!

Holly and John decided to come down this weekend to celebrate Caroline's Birthday a little early since they will be unable to attend the party. Caroline did not know what to think of the gift at first, but now she is carrying it from room to room. It made my week to have Holly and John come and visit. I really miss Aggie Road and My Holly!

Caroline's new big girl carseat

Brenda and Tim got married this weekend, so Caroline and headed to North Little Rock for the reception. Caroline enjoyed flirting with all the old men and a little wedding punch! Yum! Such a wonderful blessing that God has brought these two together. I love weddings!

Caroline and Papaw smelling the flowers

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Weekend

We met Uncle Jared and Aunt Megan at the famous Chili's last weekend for dinner. Yum! Yum! We got to see the new apartment, and Caroline explored throughout the rooms. Thanks for meeting us! September 16th was the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death. He is my first grandfather to pass away and a very special man. My name (Sirron) is my grandfather's name (Norris) spelled backwards. He would let everyone that he met in on that little fact. He also would tell me the story over and over about when I walked 23 steps straight across the living room one day. He said after that, I was a walking machine. Yesterday, out of all days, Caroline became a walking machine. She is walking everywhere! I don't even count her steps anymore! It is a special day for two reasons now! That also means that I am going to have to go buy more shoes immediately!

We drove out to the cemetary late Thursday, and Caroline helped Nana and Christy place flowers at his graveside. I was on bedrest last year and did not go to this portion of the ceremony. I had an appointment with Dr. Taylor the next day, and he told me that he did not advise it due to my blood pressure. If my blood pressure went back over one-sixty I was headed straight to the hospital to induce. That would not have been a problem, other than Matt was in SEARS school and had no idea any of this was taking place. So I chose to skip part of the ceremony due to emotions. I lived an entire year, periodically looking back and wondering if I would have been okay to go...should I gone...what if this...what if that... Yesterday a weight was lifted off my shoulders to know that Grandpa was with me that entire time and probably prayed for me to make it till Matt got home. It was a blessing to take Caroline out and share some of the memories with her. I sit here and laugh and cry while typing this. I will share my favorite memory about my grandfather with you. We would go to the Little Rock Zoo just about everytime you turned around, then eat at Taco Bell( which he did not like, but I never knew this until a year before he passed away) That is why he always ordered just an order of cinnamon sticks! Well on one particular day we decided to go see a movie instead of going to the zoo. We went to go see Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles. After the movie was over, I looked at Papaw to find him asleep! I did not wake him up... if fact he did not wake up until the next movie started! I will never forget sitting in the dark room with a snoring old man for who knows how long. Good Times....Good Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ritchie Weekend

Jennifer called earlier this week and asked if I would like to go to the Memphis Flea Market with her on Friday. I debated back and forth, and finally decided to go. We left early Friday morning, so we could work around Caroline's nap schedule. We arrived to find the market is only open on Fridays to vendors. Below is Jennifer's face after finding out the Positive Patsy information!
Matt flew in yesterday morning, and might I add that the airport can be the sadest and happiest place. I got there early yesterday, because the past few weekends his plane has been extremely early. Not the case yesterday. As I awaited his arrival, I watched a little boy cry so hard when his Daddy left. I cried my eyes out over in the corner! Hopefully that Dad is only going to be gone just for the weekend. I also watched family after family rejoice and give hug after hug to arriving family members.
Later Saturday evening, Matt and I headed off to the Razorback game. We filled our bellies full with Buffalo Grill before the game. We had to walk at least a mile to the game and back, so I bet I burned off all of my calories from dinner. Speaking of calorie counting...I have got to start working hard and counting every bite!

Addison and Sarah
Me and Matt

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Soul of the South is its People

The soul of the South is its people. We love to share food, stories, and advice whether you ask us or not! There is no mistaking us. We're the women who can walk into any room and immdiately find out everything about everybody in there, whether we know them or not. We are the men who forget a birthday yet memorize home game dates for our favorite college team. In our world, Coke is a food group and Mama rules the roost.
Southern Living
I have thoroughly enjoyed Southern Living this past year and I decided to quote the editor in her brilliant way of describing the South for the month of September. If you are looking for great landscaping or good home cooking be sure to check out this month's edition.
This post is a little long, so try to hang in here with me as I retale our weekend. We went to a new Sunday School class this weekend, and began Crazy Love written by Francis Chan. I am excited to complete the study, because I have had it on my list of books to read for quite some time now. Carlton said they are even selling this book at Kroger now, so be sure to pick up a copy the next time one is available. Here is what Francis has to write... Have you ever wondered if we're missing it? It is crazy, if you think about it. The God of the Universe-the Creator of nitrogen and pin neeles, galaxies and E-minor-loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacraficing love. And what is our response? We go to church , sing songs, and try not to cuss.
Whether your've verbalized it yet or not...we all know something is wrong.
Does something in your heart long to break free from the status-quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical soultions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of do's and don'ts-it's falling in love with God.
Because when you're madly in love with someone, it changes everything.
I will let you know how the study goes, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the first few chapters. I am about to begin the chapter on lukewarm christians....oh my oh my! I am probably in for a swift kick in the tush and getting myself back in gear. Check out the book and see what you think!
Now, on with our weekend...Aunt Julie gave Caroline the Alphabet set. When I first purchased our refrigerator, I said that I would never have a cluttered frig. Once I had Caroline, and became the proud mother I decided that one day I would have alphabet letters, coloring pictures, art, report cards, etc. Well....I went to go put my first proud magnetic mother clutter on the refrigerator, and drop drop drop straight to the floor. Real Stainless Steal is not magnetic! What?!? Caroline looked at me with sad disappointment.

...so I managed to squeeze them on the side! Still a proud Momma!
Thanks for the letters Aunt Julie!
Caroline is a climbing machine these days! I had to let her climb the dishwasher at least once. Classic.

No more pictures Mommy!
We headed to the airport early Saturday morning to pick up Daddy! It was perfect timing! We arrived early, because Caroline enjoys watching planes arrive. When we got to the top of the stairs, there was Dad! Caroline really wanted to go for a ride on the luggage claim glider.

This weekend was a grand weekend for Matt, because it was the first Hogs football weekend. Oh my stars! MiMi got Caroline this sassy cheerleading outfit. Thanks MiMi! Go Hogs!

Brad and Nancy came over to the house Saturday to watch the game with us. We really missed Everett! As they were leaving, we were reminded that Brad is cool. Brad, I just want you to know that the letters are still in the same place. It will probably be Caroline's first sentence to read.
Today is P's birthday...Happy Birthday P! We headed down to Fordyce Sunday after church to spend time with the Ritchie family. After eating at the Mexican Restaurant, we headed back to Donnie and Debbie's house for cake. P is giving Caroline a little sample of cake...getting her ready for her birthday!

And to end the forever long blog post....The dorkiest picture of Caroline ever! Mamaw Moren's glasses from the 60s or 70s. The glasses are one of Caroline's favorite toys at Mamaw and Papaw's house.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Going to Work with MiMi

Today we went to work with MiMi for a while, really so we could play on the playground while MiMi made copies. Below is a picture of Caroline in MiMi's new car seat. Caroline is still trying to figure out the car seat dilemma. She loves being able to look outside and sit up straight, but also thinks that she needs out to explore. We have not been but a few miles in the new seat, so we will see if she goes to sleep on the way to the airport tomorrow. Speaking of airports...we are going to pick up someone very special tomorrow...wait and see who it is!

Just a swinging

...and she spots the rocks
...still trying to pick up the rocks

...more rocks
After trying to put rocks in her mouth for the tenth time, we headed back inside to join MiMi and help her make copies for Sunday. Caroline is such a big helper!
Where is all the air coming from?

Adjusting the width for MiMi
Tomorrow is a big day...we are going to pick up our favorite person from the airport! Go Hogs!