Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, March 28, 2014

March through the I-Phone

It has been another fun month at the Ritchie house.  We have enjoyed laughing and loving life.  Below are a few of our highlights from March.

1) Jack Mason and Caroline at the park
2) Family night at Lemon Tree

3) Caroline and Snow White
4) Whitley and Caroline
5) Caroline's class at school ready to check out the school bus
6) Check out this 99 cent ice cream
7) This is how some of my patients feel
8) Smarty pants getting in her morning read

9)I went on a shopping trip with my mom

10)I joined the rest of the family and bought my first pair of real cowgirl boots.
11)Caroline's class picture from school.
12) Went with the children's group at church to Little Rock Animal Village
13)Who are these two youngsters?
14) Played in the Barbie Mustang
15) Daddy-Daughter date to Dunkin Donuts
16)Isabella and Emma Grace came to visit.
17)Check out this cutie in the Barbie Mustang

18) Caroline made her own grocery list...cheese sticks and chicken

19) Caroline and Jensen being silly
 20) and check out who got to come home a day EARLY!!
 21) me and my man!
Happy March!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lysa Terkeurst

Merry Christmas to me! Peggy purchased Lysa Terkeurst tickets for me as my Christmas present. The weekend finally arrived! Lysa is a Christian encourager leading women in the adventure of faith. She has recently published 'Unglued' and 'Made to Crave'. This August she will be releasing 'The Best Yes'. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, or read her blog.

I do not read books or watch movies twice...but, I have read 'Made to Crave' six times! The book continues to speak to me each time I pick it up. Lysa writes about how to satisfy your deepest desire with God, not food. When it was time for autographs you better bet I was the first one in line!

Sweet Jennifer waiting for us to head to the hotel...

Of course our hotel had delicious cookies so...

...off to the treadmills I went in the morning. (I had secret hopes of Lysa walking in for a workout)

Day 2 of the Women's Conference was just as powerful as day 1.

Day 2 picture...you cannot have to many.

I have been looking forward to this opportunity to meet Lysa and it was finally possible!