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Ritchie Crew

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Caroline's Birthday Party Photos

I couple of weeks behind, but here are a few of Caroline's party pictures.  She had a wonderful time with her friends and family.  Four years old!  Caroline requested to have her party this year at Party Central.  The kids and adults had a blast!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Events

 I was going to start this post off by talking about how blessed I feel, but I feel and know that I am blessed every day!  God has given our family so much to be thankful for...everything little thing.   The photos below highlight a little bit of our fun over the past week.

1) Lemon Tree treat after swimming 
 2) Tattoo from Miss Kelsie (Caroline's swim instructor)
 3) Caroline passed Swim Level 1- We begin Level 2 this next week.  She is loving swim and learning new things weekly.
 4) Caroline went for her 4 year old check up this past week.  She had another ear infection, but did great when receiving her immunizations.  I was a little apprehensive with three injections in one day, but she took it like a big girl with no tears.  She told the nurse she did not cry anymore because she is four.
 5) Caroline passed her vision test with flying colors.
 6) Onto blood pressure....
 7) And hearing test...check.
 8) After her appointment we went for a girls trip to Panera Bread.
 9) And then we went to pick out her wedding dress...oh the day will be here in the blink of an eye.  Caroline picked her shoes out for Shelby's wedding and adored the dress in the photo.
 10) This photo is something that I do not want to forget.  I wish I could bottle up the memory forever.  What is it about a sleeping child that is so sweet?  Caroline loves to take naps with a mound of pillows, and she is so sweet while snoozing.  If we ever have another child I think Caroline will be able to show them how to take a nap.  This girl can still take 4 hour naps!  No joke!
 11)Ben, Kelly, and Austyn came to visit us  this past week and we had a great time for lunch and playing.
 12) Caroline and I went to the deer camp with the Byrd family...I know...the deer camp...I laughed and laughed.  Fun!  I think that deer camp trip should be it for me for a long time:)
 13) Caroline caught a gopher.  This little rodent has been making mass destruction in our yard.  Caroline was so proud of her find.
 14) My little bike rider has been riding down our running path beside us.
 15) I have been teaching the pre-k class on Wednesday nights.  I usually have 10 kids, but this past  week I had 5 kids and it was a much needed break.  They are full of love and full of energy.
 16) It rained yesterday morning so we decided  it would be a great opportunity to make a trip to the library.
 17) Coming out of the library with lots of crafts.
 18) Matt and Caroline working on their moose hat.
 19) We went to Lakeside to play bingo for the first time and Matt won three times!  He is so lucky!
 20) Me and Caroline with our bingo cards...ready to win!
 21) The Byrd family gave Caroline a helmet today.  She insisted now that she had a helmet that she wanted to ride her bike without training wheels.  Matt assisted in taking off the training wheels and we were ready to see what happened...
 22) Getting ready to ride for the first time without training wheels....and she did awesome!  She did great for her first time.  The hardest part for her to understand is when she stops or puts on her breaks she has to put her feet down.  I laughed and cried all at the same time.  Where did my little girl go?  Thank goodness Matt is home and we can share these memories!