Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Friday, April 24, 2015

Smiles and a Baby Doll

I am a little (big time) late on posting photos. Most of our photos are taken with the cell phone these days.  Not as easy to carry around a camera while carrying a diaper bag.  Wyatt has already changed so much in the last month since these pictures were taken.  Every day is a new experience with him.  He is a little sponge right now,  and is learning something new every day. Here are a few of our March highlights.

1) Big Sis and Little Brother shirts from Holly.  Caroline would wear her shirt every day if I let her.
2) Caroline the photographer
3) Valentine's Day at SCDC.  She had her hair braided in the shape of a heart for her party.
4) The three amigos; Caroline, Emery, and Autumn.
5) We had visitors to come love on Wyatt. Judy, Aubrey, and Peyton came to see us.
6) One of Wyatt's first smiles that I caught on camera.
7) Playing baby dolls...and with a real life baby.
8) Caroline tried Karate...that lasted one month.  She is still loving gymnastics-and she got an invite to try out for the competitive team!  I think we are going to pass this year on the competitions, but it still nice to know that she is improving and enjoying it each week.
9) First trip to Chuck-e-Cheese
10) Girl's Night Out with the church group.
11) I have been training to run my first EVER 5K. I have finished my training!  Now to find a free weekend.
12) Playing baby dolls again.
13) Family photo in the snow
14) Papaw Troy spent a lot of time playing with Caroline in the snow this year.  She could not get enough of it!
15) We are still in the study at Children's.  It is a nutrition based study, in which the study helps to compare the mother's nutrition to the infant's nutrition until two years of age.  I finally remembered to take my phone in at this appointment so I could take a picture of Wyatt in his little beanie he gets to wear during a portion of the testing.
16) Playing baby dolls again...do you see a pattern here. Caroline's dream come true.
17) Just being lazy and watching a movie together.
18) Caroline at one of the many birthday parties this month.  Seems like her friends all have birthdays within two months of the year.  March and October are always full of parties.
19) We got a sweet visit from Holly, John, and the girls.  I wish we lived closer!

20) Daddy/Daughter Day at school
21) More sweet grins from Wyatt
22) He loves to stick that tongue out
23) Fun at the River Market-great family time
24) Fun at C.J.'s party at Museum of Discovery.
25) We had a girls night and went to see Cinderella on opening night!  I think the movies are quickly becoming a favorite girls trip.
26) Cannot get enough of the grins
27) Photo from Emery's party.  Elsa came for a visit to tell stories, sing songs, and make magical snowflakes (she really did good).
28) Matt and I went to watch our first boxing match.  We have a friend that will be competing in the National Golden Gloves championship soon in Vegas-Good luck Tim!
29) More family visits from Patsy, Amaya, and Cooper.
30) Popsicles with the cousins.
31) First four-wheeler ride with Papaw Troy.
32) My little men watching tv together.
33) More of that happy baby!
34) I am sweet and I know it!
35) I pose for the phone...
36) Caroline taking Wyatt for a walk in the new red wagon.
Work is back in full swing, kids are growing up way too fast, and I am trying to soak in every moment I can with this awesome family I have.  I will be posting April's photos soon. It is easier for me to post once a month with a few photos.  Have a wonderful weekend.