Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am going to get you...

We have been playing chase all afternoon/night! I would post the pictures from my bare bottom baby, but I do not know if that is needed. MiMi told me today that she would go into room after room. After getting a bath, Caroline decided to crawl like a mad woman throughout the house. She would crawl as fast as possible and then turn around to make sure I was chasing her. I laughed so hard! She would laugh so hard she could not breathe! I just adore her!

I also started getting a daily email from Productive Parenting. I read about this email site on Kelly's Korner and have enjoyed it thus far. You enter your child's date of birth and they give you an activity to complete each day to help them learn different skills. Today's activity was to put Caroline in an intertube and see how long it would take her to get out...well...it did not take her five seconds. The activity was to help with balance and strength. The Papaw would hide his pen under the rug, up his sleeve, and under the intertube. You should see the look on her face when she would find it! Priceless!

After taking this picture, I climbed up on the four-wheeler also and we all headed over to Roger and Julie's to go swimming! We had a blast with the family!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scuba Steve

We went for an afternoon swim with Everett and Nancy today, and the babies were both soaked from head to toe with sunscreen! Take a look at those adorable hats! After swimming, Everett and Caroline took their afternoon naps, while Nancy and I caught up on Friday Night Lights.

Everett with a side pose

My Sweet Baby Girl

Nancy and Everett

Caroline sporting her shades

My Little Green Thumb/Chef

Caroline has two new favorite activities that she likes to do while playing in the kitchen...pulling up on the trash can, and playing with the measuring cups. She played with the measuring cups for at least an hour while I deep cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned the inside of all the appliances, cleaned cabinets top to bottom, plantation shutters, and scrubbed the tile. We better have one spotless kitchen!

After a morning of Molly Maid, we headed to North Little Rock to meet Brittany. Now Brittany has one green thumb! Ha! Brittany and Caroline followed me around like little puppy dogs ready to go the entire time we shopped at Lowes. They were such a hoot! After walking through every aisle, we ended up purchasing a new Japanese Maple, a few more sweet potatoes, and a box cover for our water hose. Below is a picture of Brittany and Caroline in the back of the car, because the front held...

...a tree the size of Texas! Brittany said..."You will find a way to get what you want."

Brittany and Caroline(my little pirate smile) Thanks for being such a trooper Brittany!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls Weekend

We do not have an entire thing that we HAVE to do all weekend! When does that happen? NEVER at our household...so we have made a to-do-list for the weekend. We are headed to town today to take care of a few landscaping items and to meet with Brittany. I will report back Sunday night to let you see how many things have been checked off the list! Hope you and your families have have a memorable weekend!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Daddy Day

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to celebrate our Dad and Husband. Matt is wonderful and I could write and describe his characteristics all day long, but what it boils down to is that he is a wonderful Christian Husband and Father who leads our family in a blessed life.

Below are pictures of Caroline placing Daddy's cards in just the right place before he comes back in the room. ...still waiting on Daddy

...gave up on Daddy...going to eat his cards!

Caroline can already spell!
Matt opening his personalized, speaking card from Caroline. I recorded Caroline laughing a few weeks back, and when you open the card it plays her laughing over and over again. Love it!

Daddy opening his gifts
Game Day Gear

What are these things on my feet?

I worked in the flower bed this afternoon and walked in to find Caroline riding the pony (Papaw)...don't worry MiMi was right there just in case Caroline was to get bucked off!
Caroline had a few pair of newborn shoes that she wore in the Winter, but we have been barefoot since. We decided that it was time to start wearing shoes again, since she is enjoying standing and attempting to walk. Last Sunday I walked into the nursery and she was taking her friend's shoes off her feet. Caroline did not think the same about her pair today...in fact, she did not know what to think. She would not walk with me...it was if her feet were froze. We will try another pair tomorrow!
Thanks Addison and Whitley for the outfit!

Lower Electical Bill?

We have been blessed with a beautiful backyard view, but the sun beats in on us during the day. I finally broke down and purchased roman shades for the living room. Matt is anxious to see if this helps with the electrical bill. We have been making lots of improvements on the house lately to try to not use as much electricity. We hope this helps!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Daddy Day!

This is Matt's first Father's Day! WE LOVE OUR DADDY AND HUSBAND! Caroline made this for Daddy tonight so we wanted to wish him our love. I will have more pictures to post from our Father's Day celebration. Matt is a wonderful husband and Daddy. The Lord has blessed us to have him in our lives. I love you Matt!

Check out that curly hair! I could not get her to be still for anything!

Visit from MiMi and Papaw

MiMi and Papaw came over to visit us this weekend. MiMi had not seen Caroline for two weeks, and she was going crazy over her! Below is a picture of Papaw and his new overalls from us and Uncle Jared and Aunt Megan for Father's Day. Caroline is helping MiMi open her Birthday gift.

MiMi brought a ball back from the St. Louis Cardinals Game (we will have to keep this an outside toy for now)

Boyfriend #3

The Evans Family also came over this week so Everett and Caroline could play with each other, and so we could catch up with Brad and Nancy. Brad was a best-man in our wedding, and he and Matt grew up across the street from one another. They recently moved to Benton, and we are so excited that they are so close now. We really look forward to being able to spend time with them. We enjoyed grilling out, and we had an adventure with Caroline going to sleep that night. Below is a picture of Everett and Caroline giving each other a hug...it was so hard to get a picture of both of them because they were very busy!

Nancy intorduced me to my new best friend...google reader. I would spend an hour each night looking at blogs, and trying to make sure that I read every new entry. I would have to go to one blog to get to another, then another, and then another. Now I can just go to one page and see if any of my friends or bloggers have updated their blogs. All of one screen! Way to simplify! Thanks Nancy!

Boyfriend #2

Just look at that kiss! Looks like they have been practicing for days! We had the Barnett family over for dinner this week...for Jackson and Caroline it was love at first site! We love spending time with Zach and Cate. Our adventure for the night was Caroline getting a piece of paper stuck in her throat. After a panic attack and Caroline getting sick...she swallowed it and we found it yesterday. Thank goodness! Thanks Cate for staying calm!

Look at those smiles

Our cookie cake for Father's Day (sorry for the sideways picture)

  • Jackson and Caroline playing (right before Caroline decided to eat the book)