Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Veterans Day

East End Elementary always goes above and beyond for holidays, and Veterans Day was no exception. They had breakfast, music, artwork, parades, photo booths, story time,etc. They worked all week with the children explaining to them about veterans.

Caroline got to Skype with Matt and show her class how she communicates with her dad. She also got to take her daddy doll to school and tell her class about the memories with her doll. We are proud of our veteran and counting down the days till we get to wrap our arms around him!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Random October Fun

1)Supported Breast Cancer Awareness month at work

2) Made multiple trips to the PCP...joy

3) Sweetest siblings I know

4) Fall Emmaus trip at Camp Tanako

5) Sometimes you just want to be a Twinkie with your PawPaw.

6) Crazy hair day at school

7) 50s Day at school

8) Met with Holly and Tara for dinner

9) Another trip to PCP

10) A little girl time...always my favorite

11) Caroline with two of her favorites

12) Caroline and Aunt Karen

13) First time to dress up at work...and just for the record I did not wear my costume while cleaning teeth.

Caroline's Field Trip- Family Farm 2016

I l.o.v.e. October

Let's give this a shot...I have a new phone and have blog press again, which would make blogging so simple from my phone if this works. The last time I tried to use blog press it would not work, so here goes nothing. I have nothing but time because I have two kiddos awake at two in the morning. If you can't beat them join them as the saying goes. October started off fun with a little girl time.

1) Birthday Dinner at Dizzy's

2) Wyatt- my little pumpkin

3) Meeting Grandma Etta, Papaw Don, and Aunt Mary for lunch

4) Annual Girl Trip


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