Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend has been one of the best weekends. I know I say that quite often, but I feel so blessed and loved lately. Each day is so wonderful and a blessing from God. It was just the two of us Friday morning, because Matt was flying....which brings me to another happy moment...Matt has been flying a lot lately and enjoying every moment. I am so proud to say that my husband is a pilot!

So Friday morning we got ready to have Brittany come over. Caroline's new favorite item in the bathroom is the curling set. I told her Friday that if her hair stays at the same rate she is traveling right now, she will not need any help with the curls.
Brittany, Caroline, and I went for a surprise pick-up at Jennifer's house and then headed for the local Mexican Restaurant. After a bowl of salsa and catching-up we headed back home to play in the yard. The weather was just right this weekend.

Brittany and Caroline
Saturday morning we decided to head to Little Rock to the Big Dam Bridge, along with many others that had the same idea. It was a perfect 75 degrees and sunny. Most were wearing shorts in the warm weather. We walked about two to three miles and then headed into Maumelle for family lunch.

This morning we got ready to head to church and Caroline just had to take her puppy. Below is a picture of her explaining to me why she needed to take her puppy to church.
After church we headed over to MiMi and Papaw's house for lunch. Caroline and Papaw grilled some mean pork chops!
Tonight I am ending the day to a dream come true...cooking my family dinner. Some of you are thinking that I am crazy for wanting to end on a note of cooking dinner, but this is a special time for me. I grew up in a home where I had a full cooked meal on my plate every night. I do not have the time during the week to come home and cook every night for my family, so tonight is special for me. Here is to a little Rachael Ray and EVOO.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Party

These pictures are only about...oh....a month late, but these pictures have to be posted. Matt and I were able to attend Caroline's first class Christmas Party this year at SCDC. Caroline attends the center two days each week, and enjoys every moment with Ms. Wendy, Ms. Velma, and her friends. This year she made her first Christmas ornament, an angel with beads and stickers.
Our family at the Christmas Party

Rachael and Wes

The Entire Crew

Caroline and Wes

Christian and his family

Emma with her Mommy

The two of us working on her ornament.

Sorry so late, but the pictures must be added since it was her first Christmas Party!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Travel Bug

Last year we were on the road traveling almost every weekend to Tupelo, Birmingham, or somewhere between. Some would ask if it got old traveling each weekend with an infant. It never got old while keeping the road hot. Now, Matt and I have the travel bug! We have planned our vacation for this summer, but in the meantime we need to get out and travel on the weekends.

We have a goal of traveling to each state with Caroline before she is graduating school. So far we have traveled to Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. This Summer we plan to mark a few other states off our list. As for the other weekends, we have decided that we would like to travel and mark off the list of activities to do in the state. If you visit arkansas.com you can find a list of 101 free things to do, you can search by city of things to do, or search under the overview or tab listings. We plan to mark each city off our list by visiting the small town restaurants and sites. This weekend we decided to start with Fordyce, since that is where several of Matt's family members live.

Daddy and Caroline

Caroline loves to read...she loves to go from one book to the next

We hit the road and headed down to Fordyce historic district. We were surprised to see one of Matt's Aunts, Sandra, waving from her downtown building that she is remodeling and will be opening soon. Her building is pictured below on the far left side of the picture. She explained that the Bed and Breakfast house, Wynne Phillips House, that we were going to see had been closed for the time being, so we headed across the street to Red Bug Alley.

The Cotton Belt line was constructed through the southeast part of the county, leading to the development of Fordyce a year later. The small town was named for Samuel Fordyce who was the president of the railway company. Fordyce also belongs to Paul Bear Bryant, a football legend who wresteld a bear at the age of 13. Next time we visit we plan to stop by Klappenbach Bakery.

Sandra's Downtown Building

Red Bug Alley

Today, we have had a low-key day around the house. Below is a picture of Daddy and Caroline playing outside. Please bring on the warm weather!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Weekend

We have had the best weekend at the Ritchie home; full of excitement and laughs. Below is Caroline's favorite face for the past month. She makes this face when she sees something of interest or gets caught in action!

Friday night Matt and I picked back up after the holidays to start with our Friday night date nights again. We went with friends to a place downtown called Dizzy'sand it was delicious! It was an unique atmosphere with lots of options. We awoke Saturday morning to a morning filled with relaxation.

Another picture of Dad and Daughter...my two favorite people!

Caroline telling Snow White("Snite") to "Come"....yes Caroline's vocabulary is growing

Here is the face again...

Giving Snow White Love

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow Day of 2011

Before we get started with the SNOW POST let me say that this is my favorite picture of this weekend! Matt, myself, Caroline, and our family snowman!

We have experienced our first snow day of 2011! We had an average of six inches at our home this morning when we awoke to the bright white. Matt and I left our plantation shutters open last night, so we could watch the snow fall as we went to sleep. What a stunning sight? The picture below was from last night as the snow started falling. Caroline loved every moment!

This morning we awoke to a beautiful and peaceful backyard...
...and here is a picture of our front yard
Caroline and I watched cars and trucks drive by in the snow very slowly.

Caroline's snow suit is just a little special; it is my snow suit from when I was a little girl. It has smocked strawberries and is the warmest suit known to man. Caroline even made snow angels without getting wet!

making a really big snowball
One of Caroline's friends, Aubrey, came over to play in the snow and they had the biggest time together as the stomped and tromped through the thick snow.

Aubrey and Caroline going for a ride in the wagon.

Caroline is giving Aubrey love or sugar.
The Moms and Girls (myself, Kristi, Aubrey, and Caroline)

Go Faster!

Trying to carry on a conversation...

Two Sweet Little Girls

Ritchie Snow Dog

Uncle Roger, Aubrey and Caroline

Papaw Troy and Uncle Roger (Goobs)

Even the Snow Man needs a kiss, right Mom?

Daddy and Caroline making the first Snow Angel

Snow Angel in the making

We have enjoyed our Snow Monday and are not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Matt will be dropping me off and then heading to work. We hope for safe travels.