Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Little Pilot

I was the proud wife a few weeks back...and crazy to say that I am just now posting the pictures. I have been extremely busy soaking up every moment with my new pilot! Matt graduated as a helicopter pilot from UH-60 Blackhawk School. Our family has made it through this year and we are ready for our next adventure that God blesses us with next. We have many memories of road trips and vacations that I want to remember and cherish.

After getting back from Destin, our family awaited the extended family to arrive for graduation. I had to post this picture of our outing to Sonic. Matt and I glanced in the window to see the sign below, and got a large laugh.

Matt and Caroline at the apartment in Alabama
The Guinn, Moren, and Ritchie family arrived later in the week for Family Day and Graduation. They stayed at these quaint cabins on West Lake Fort Rucker. After graduation, MiMi held a dinner and celebration for dinner.

Family Day
This has to be my favorite family picture by far! It could be that it was Caroline's first time to see a Blackhawk and I am a gleaming proud wife. On Family Day, Matt got to show us the inside of the helicopter, and put to perspective and life what he has been learning each and every day. It rained cats and dogs on Family Day, but it ended up clearing and we adventured over to learn with a more hands on experience.

The Three of Us

Matt teaching us to fly...I was lost after the first step!
We climbed, climbed, and climbed up to the tower to hear and see all of the action of the Blackhawk field.
After an eventful afternoon we headed across post to the simulators and we learned even more from our pilot. I was lost once again after the first step...

Inside of the simulator

I had to take a picture of the cutest toes you will ever see flying a Blackhawk!

Matt explaining the engine
After a long and eventful Family Day we awoke the next morning for Graduation. I could not believe how fast the past year had went by and how much my husband had accomplished in one year! The graduation ceremony was special to each pilot as they received their wings.

Another Family Pic

Caroline dancing with the band

Matt's graduating class

Pinning on Matt's wings...we have longed for this moment! Congrats to Daddy!

Matt's side of the Family

My side of the Family
We left graduation headed to a banquet, and had the most delicious food! At the banquet I was honored with a Grad-u-mate certificate and wife wings. It was the sweetest thought and honor that the class could give to their husband or wife. I keep my wings close each time Matt is flying. After a long afternoon of packing and celebrations Matt and I headed back up to the flight simulator. I got to fly for the first time...my oh my....I need quite a bit more practice.

We headed home the next morning and I must say that as I passed this mill for the last time I felt a bit of sadness. Many have asked over the past year if I was sad, lonely, or depressed because of the separation from Matt. The answer is no. There were a few times where I felt the sadness. Our family has experienced so much over the past year. Caroline has experienced and traveled to more places in the first year of her life than most do their entire life. We have tasted and sampled the best restaurants. We have explored new places. We have marked off states from our list to visit. We have become a family of three. This past year has been the best year of my life. I can only imagine what God has in store for our family in the future.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yard Sale

We had our first official yard sale as a family this weekend, and we were all exhausted by the end of the first day! Matt moved home and we had two of everything, so we decided to set up shop and see what would happen. We completed the sale today with chunk change and have cleaned out the garage.

Matt took Caroline for a ride on the four-wheeler and I decided that when they got closer to the house I would snap a picture. Turns out...Caroline fell asleep during the ride! First time for everything!

The two of us before the yard sale

Caroline and Snow White

Kisses and Love

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caroline is One!

I am REALLY REALLY late on this post! We celebrated Caroline's one-year-old birthday party on October 2 at Lakeside Country Club Pavilion. We enjoyed time with friends and family as we watched Caroline open her gifts and demolish the cake.

Caroline has been a wonderful blessing to me and Matt over the past year. Each day is a new learning adventure and she always amazes me with the new things she can achieve. I loved preparing for and celebrating this day with my daughter.

Caroline's Smash Cake

"I am one"

Our Family

Singing Happy Birthday

...Let the cake smashing begin

....yum yum

Oh my oh my! This year went by way to fast!