Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Sweet Girl

We could not go to church today, but we still got dolled up to go to grandma's house! Every Sunday at noon we eat at the Moren's, and everything we have is delicious! It is such a nice treat, and I have learned to appreciate it more and more as I have become older with my own family. Caroline has enjoyed carrying my rollers around this morning, and now I have searched the house over and over for a missing roller!

HUGE NEWS...Caroline has taken THREE steps a few times. Last night I thought she was almost to FOUR. Every time she walks we all scream and clap so loud she looks at us as if we are crazy! I just love this little sweetie!

Yesterday evening, we went outside for a walk and the cars started honking! This morning she was looking out the window at the cars, waving at each one, and was in shock when they did not honk. After each car passed, she would turn and look at me in surprise that the car did not pay her any attention. She is very attentive this week.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going to Prom

MiMi and Papaw came over to visit tonight before heading to Prom! I know what you are thinking...Prom? Our church held an Adult Prom Night tonight. I just called the house, and they did not answer, so that means they are still dancing and grooving the night away. I am so fortunate to have two wonderful parents. Caroline is waving and telling MiMi and Papaw to be home by midnight...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Girl's Day Out

We traveled all over town today running about...and got a few things for Halloween! We spent the night with MiMi last night and Caroline came home with lots of goodies!

Caroline's Halloween basket from MiMi...Where is all the candy MiMi?
Caroline and Mommy

Thursday morning before work I saw this giant moth on my passenger window. It was gigantic!
I plan to work on Caroline's birthday decor this weekend, so wish me luck! We are also going to clean out Caroline's closet. Boy oh Boy...that girl can out-grow some clothes in the blink of an eye!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caroline's First Book Fair

I thought I might publish a post without a picture today, but then I thought about how boring that would be...We have accomplished quite a bit around the house this week. I have exercised every single night this week! (huge accomplishment) Matt flew to Monroeville today, and I was jealous. I told him that if he saw Boo Radley to take a picture for me. Those of you who do not know Boo, you can read To Kill A Mockingbird.

Caroline has been attending SCDC one day each week, and next week they are getting ready for their first Scholastic Book Fair! How much fun! I remember when I was a child looking through the magazine and choosing which books I would purchase. I wanted to get almost every book for Caroline, but I narrowed it down to four. She has almost every book known to man, but there is always room for more. Hope you have a great week and enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We have been MIA for the last week. Our family has had the best relaxing week as we geared up for the school year. Caroline had an amazing first day at SCDC. To say that she loved it would be an understatement. Below is a picture of her first Daily Record, and she made her Momma proud by coming home with an AMAZING report.

I went to Birmingham this weekend to meet Matt, while MiMi and Papaw took care of little Miss. I returned home to find our little girl already driving! She was crazy behind the wheel! She kept jumping and sticking her tongue in and out... Thanks MiMi for watching Caroline!

Matt and I celebrated our anniversary in Birmingham this year and enjoyed the food, celebration, and time together. We went out Friday night to J. Alexander's for dinner. The food was delicious! It was our first time to go to Alexander's and we will be going back to make another visit soon. Saturday we went shopping at the Galleria and you want to talk about a crowd. I bet everyone in Birmingham was shopping at the Galleria! We enjoyed our day and then headed to Outback for a early dinner.

I also finished To Kill A Mockingbird this weekend. Finally! I only get to read a few chapters each night and then my eyes start to slowly close. I plan to make a trip to Monroeville to see the town of Nelle Harper Lee. Last month the town held a anniversary celebration. Nelle is now 84, and is determined as ever to let the book speak for itself. She does not give many autographs for the Pulitzer Prize. Her book was voted best novel of the twentieth century, sells one million copies a year, and published in over forty languages. Speaks for itself.
Friday, Tanya and I went to a CE course in Birmingham. I will spare you with all of the dental information that I reviewed, but will add that it was an amazing course. I am a pro at dental concerns involving bisphosphenates. The picture below is not our best, but taken quickly in the elevator...

My nice relaxing chair for the weekend

Picture of Mommy and Caroline when waking Thursday...her first school day!

Wednesday morning...Caroline receiving her postcard from Ms. Wendy and Ms. Velma. She smiled for the longest time and enjoyed reading the card...until....it slid under the refrigerator! Uh oH!

This week we took went to go see little Fiona. I forgot so quickly how little a baby can be when first entering this world. She was precious. We also got to visit with Evie, and she was too funny by offering her sassy to Caroline!

We were all sitting around the house one night and decided to take a few pics!
The Girls

The Men+ 1

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Caroline starts SCDC (Sardis Child Development Center) this Thursday! Such a big girl! She will be going one day a week and I know she is going to love it! SCDC operates as a ministry dedicated to providing a bibically based atmosphere where children can grow. Their vision is

-to provide a happy Christian environment in which the child can grow spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically

-to help a child develop a philosophy of life that is centered on Christ and that is in harmony with Christian principals

-to provide opportunities for church, school, and home to work together in meeting the needs of the child

-to provide opportunities for dramatic, social, imaginative, and creative play

Each day they have an activity, outdoor time, and chapel. She will have a few other friends join her on Tuesdays. Matt and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful Christian atmoshere in our local community.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few videos and weekend update...

We hit the road to go and see Daddy for almost the last time! This past year has flown...and I am already counting down the days till Matt will be home sweet home. Matt will be coming home in the September and October a few times, and then we will have Daddy home for good! Below are a few pictures from our road trip...

P and Caroline at Spaghetti Warehouse
Caroline checking out the menu...all the choices

P and Caroline reading the future...what will Caroline become when she grows old??

...a philosopher...hum

Daddy and Caroline
Debbie and Donnie watched Caroline while Matt and I went on an adventure to find bargains. We went from store to store and finally found Caroline three new outfits. We also stumbled upon a new favorite...Tuti Fruiti. This place is the best invention ever! I always have a sweet tooth, but a small sweet tooth. Matt always tells me that I need to eat all of the ice cream that get, but it is always way to much. I just want a few bites, and then my craving is over. Well at this new favorite spot, you begin by choosing the type of ice cream you want. I got birthday cake flavor, and Matt got an assortment of different flavors. Then on the next step...

...you add your toppings! As much or as little as you want! Anything from your traditional toppings to out of the world toppings! Finally, you weigh your cup, and pay for the weight of the cup. It was perfect for my little sweet tooth! Our total was six dollars! It would have been way more than that at any other ice cream specialty store, and I would have trashed half of my order. We were so impressed we thought we would open a store up in Sardis! Does anyone want to buy a share?

We then returned to three smiling faces, that were ready for dinner...

Matt was really craving Chinese food, so we scoped out a few nearby restaurants. One was closed, and the other was only open for take-out and lunch. So we opted for Shoguns, and Caroline was amazed with the show that the gentlemen performed.
These are a few videos from the past month that show Caroline's progess. The first video is of Caroline laughing at MiMi when she sprays the water at the window. She laughed for an hour straight at the water spraying. I love to hear Caroline laughing so hard!

The next video is to show you how much she likes to dance. This video is a little old....She does not sit in her car any longer, she now pushes and climbs on top of it.


The last video is the of the first time she took off walking behind her push toy. A lot has happened during the last week! This girl is taking off at the speed of light now....and there is nothing holding her back!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flowers from Daddy

Matt sent flowers today for our 3rd anniversary...Happy Anniversary Honey! We love each other more and more each day! Caroline was a little jealous today, because she did not get flowers. She loved smelling of them all night, until I made her finally go to sleep.

We went to church tonight for Promotion Wednesday and the Christian Illusionist. He was great and the kids were filled with laughter. Check out Caroline's curls in the pictures below. She is my little twinkie from this age. Everyone was saying we were twinkies tonight. I just love it! My little minnie me!

Landon and Caroline

Wes in a Wheel Chair...this pic was too funny to pass up!

Papaw and Caroline...Twinkies! She is all about her Papaw.

The Illusionist

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Update

I am having one of those days that I grinning from ear to ear with joy. I had one of those mornings filled with thoughts. After thinking about the past year, I realized once again that I have been blessed by God. Matt and I have these talks often about how God blesses us over and over again. My entire life will be a blessing with God by my side. God has given me a Husband that I am more and more in love with each and every day, and a child who glows with happiness.

Church was over-the-top amazing this morning, and I cannot wait for Matt to be home to get to experience worship with me. I wanted to share this scripture verse with you.

We should use whatever gift we
have received to serve others,
faithfully administering God's grace
in its various forms
-1 Peter 4:10
The picture below is taken of a picture on our mantle at home. I did not have a copy of this on my computer, and I was feeling a little lazy so I just took a picture of the picture. This is my favorite picture from our Honeymoon. Matt and I are gleaming with happiness! We still continue to love and gleam this much. We are coming up on our three year anniversary and I love Matt more now than ever! The Lord blessed me once again with a wonderful Husband!

Now to this little bundle of joy... Caroline loves to read! I have been walking into the living room to find her making sounds and laughing at her books. This is a great sign that she is soaking up and learning every little detail right now. She does like to skip from one book to the next!

Uncle Jared and Aunt Megan came to visit this weekend. I even talked them into staying the night with us! This is the best shot I could get of the three. Caroline was way more intersted in pointing than smiling.
Caroline and Uncle Jared playing before bed time

Riding the horsey...living on the edge
Jennifer and Justin just purchased a new home. Look at how quaint and peaceful it looks! I am so proud for them. I am going to love having my friend closer! Welcome to East End friend!