Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Week with Jen Hatmaker

Our church had a "friendly competition" to see which adult could collect the most cans for our food pantry. After people had been nominated for the competition the youth picked three adults to represent our church. Our church then brought can goods to each person. The person with the most got to place a pie in the face of the two losers. Below are the three competitors.

Janell enjoying her victory...

My mom kept the girls this weekend and they enjoyed the nice weather. Ready for Spring!

Caroline has a sweet caring nature....she has to buckle up puppy now for the road trips.

Sweet treat at Tcby.

Grandma Etta and Papaw Don came to stay with us Thursday night.

AND....Jen Hatmaker was this weekend! It was wonderful! I soaked in as much worship as I could, had a wonderful time with my church friends, and listened to what God had in store for me as His disciple. Side note (we had front row seats)

Matt and I went to the Rhea Lana sale this weekend to look for a particular item. Did we find it? No. But, we did find a stroller for Caroline that she has been wanting. Caroline is so caring for her babies.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pics of our Valentine's Weekwnd

I have a new appreciation for Valentine's Day this year. I have watched, read, and experienced an overflow of love. Love is key to living a fulfilled life. God wants us to show love because He first loved us.

Thursday we went to Caroline's school party to celebrate, trade cards, enjoy the sweets, and watch the children share their love. Caroline's classmates each made one heart this week for their parents.

Beau, Caroline, and Christian

Miss Amber and Caroline

Time to open valentine cards...

Me and my sweet Caroline

We had fun decorating Daddy's mirror before he arrived on Friday.

Saturday morning we headed to Sifted Flour Bakery. I will let this picture speak for itself;)

...then next door to check out the pet store....

...the Mexican bowling with the Sunday school class.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Each year I am ready for a small amount of snow. This year was perfect. Caroline woke up one morning and peeked outside to see the wonder. She threw on her boots and scampered outside in her pajamas.

It wasn't long before we were all outside ready to play in the white powder.

Later that same afternoon Will helped us to make a homemade sled and we had a blast! We laughed and laughed; times like this make me appreciate living out in the country.

Here is one fun gymnastics photo from this week...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice skating and Gymnastics

Ice day today! I am off work! Caroline was thrilled when she woke this morning and I came in the room and announced girls day! We have played today, completed a few activities, and had lunch with Jared and Jensen.

Matt came home with flowers for me and Caroline this week. It is so nice to have a surprise on occasion from my wonderful husband. Aren't they beautiful?

We had a family outing this weekend. Matt and I decided to surprise Caroline and take her ice skating. We went to Big Orange first to fill our bellies with delicious burgers. If you would like to try a new restaurant, Big Orange is a great place. They have two locations (Midtown and Promenade). I am not a burger fan, but I have enjoyed their burgers both visits.

Now, do you see this sweet girl in the photo below? We tried and tried to get her to try the cookies and cream shake. She refused. She finally tried...and then she enjoyed it so much she would not share!

We arrived at the ice skating rink and soon discovered that Caroline lacked in the skating category. I poke along really slow...Matt is a figure skater...and Caroline is just plum b.a.d. Bless her heart! She did not give up though. After making it one round of ice skating we traded our skates in for roller skates. She was much better at roller skating. The roller rink was very crowded and I think we all took a deep sigh of relief when we decided to head home. It was a fun family outing but we will wait a couple years before embarking on that adventure again.

On a different note, Caroline is enjoying gymnastics, learning new techniques, and excelling. Each week she amazes me at what she has accomplished. She is enjoying her time as a little gymnast.