Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Parties

This weekend must have been the happening weekend to host a Birthday party, because we were heading from one place to another. Caroline did not take a long nap Saturday morning so we did not know how the afternoon would go, but she did great. The pictures below are at Baileigh's party in Sheridan at the Elementary playground. It was a little cold, but the children did not mind one bit. They were way to busy having fun and running from slide to slide.

The picture below is a moment to not forget. One...two...three...Caroline's first time down the slide by herself! Such a big girl!

Baileigh's Birthday Cake
Below is the only picture I got at Brooke's party...Happy Birthday Brooke! Julie and Kris made the cake themselves, and I must say it was the best cake I have ever seen! I wish I would have gotten a picture.
Sunday we had a great day. We worshiped Sunday morning, and then had a family/friend afternoon. We finished our sprinkler system by the road. I will post pictures soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Three Amigos

Well the three amigos were back to work this afternoon. We had traffic slowing down in front of our home...quite the site! We finished the sprinkler system in the front flower beds, now it is time to conquer the driveway flower beds. We are installing two new flower beds next weekend. I will have the before/after pictures to show you. After all of this work, I told Matt and Dad they need to go into the sprinkler system business. They are becoming pros!

We hope you all have a great weekend! We are excited because Daddy is home from his trip to Tennessee. Will you all say a prayer this weekend for Matt's aunt? Her husband has passed away, so I am sure that prayer and thought is needed.

Matt and I are going to the grocery store tonight...I do not like to go to the grocery store on the weekend because it is so crowded. We will see how it goes...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Molly Maid

We were ready WAY early for church this morning, so we went outside and played in the front yard. Here a few pictures I snapped of Caroline:

Here she is telling me,"No more Mommy!"

Caroline is still rocking the curls...and I hope she grows to always love them. The first thing that people always comment on are the curls. People just love them, and I adore them! Surely I am not just a little partial?

Caroline and Papaw going for a joy ride...Caroline was laughing so hard!

Caroline and I have transformed into Molly Maids yesterday. We accomplished the following:
-Decluttered the laundry room
-Cleaned laundry room floors
-Finished church items
-Had Papa Johns during our lunch break
-Cleaned our Mommy's purse
-Started a load of dishes
-Completed three loads of laundry
-Cleaned the kitchen floor and kitchen sink
My little Molly Maid
Have you ever heard that random mom tell the random story about the random moment in life that means so much to her. After hearing about the random moment you wonder why that moment. Well, I had the random moment this weekend. Caroline followed me around all day Saturday and did every single act that I did while cleaning. She smiled from ear to ear throughout the entire cleaning process. Saturday....a day full of cleaning...was the most memorable moment I have had with Caroline. Random day...full of love.

Last Weekend

This week we have been enjoying our time outside and working hard to start a few projects around our home. Jensen, Megan, and Jared all came for a visit and stay earlier this week. Tuesday night I decided to make dinner for the entire Guinn and Moren family, which means the dining room table was used for the third time! The table was a little dusty, but dinner was delicious. Thanks everyone for chipping in and helping with dinner!

Here are my two landscaping artists that I have hired...cheapest labor in town! Matt and Dad have installed a sprinkler system in our flower beds by the house. This next weekend they will be working on the flower beds by the road. This year we plan to update the exterior of our home. After next weekend our home will look like a complete different home. I will be sure to post before/after pictures.
Daddy finally got his dream lawn mower! Matt has been patiently waiting and saving for this day! We went through the yard to pick up a few rocks, so Matt can mow this week. You have never seen anyone so excited to mow. A brand new toy!
We are having a girl's weekend this week, because Matt will be out of town. We plan to shop till we drop!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jensen and Caroline

Here is a picture from this past weekend. We stopped to see Jensen, Megan, and Jared in Searcy. You might be wondering why Caroline is wearing a HUGE yellow shirt...well, it is because she got car sick right before we arrrived and we washed her clothes at Jared and Megan's apartment. Uncle Jared let Caroline borrow one of his shirts, which she was fascinated with the entire visit. We are thrilled because the Guinn crew is coming to visit this weekend, so we will be seeing them two weekends in a row!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls' Road Trip

We started off the weekend with a girls' trip to Sonic. Caroline loves Sonic cups and straws, so I treated her to a Sonic ice water and a little bit of Sonic breakfast. Friday is our special day each week that we get to enjoy each other all day long. Matt had drill this weekend, so we headed out of town to visit family and friends.

Below is a picture of Caroline at the beginning of the trip....pay close attention to this face...
We stopped in Searcy to see Jensen, Jared, and Megan. Jensen rolled over twice the day we went to visit! We went for lunch to meet Megan and as I looked back I saw a glimpse of what the future could hold one day! One day far away! Caroline was the best big cousin; she kept handing Jensen her toys and talking to her till we arrived at our destination.
We enjoyed our girl time shopping and lounging this weekend. I found my Easter dress and went to eat at my favorite restaurant, so it doesn't get much better than this weekend. Remember the first picture of Caroline at the beginning of the road trip? Well, now take a look at this next picture...one sick little girl! Either she was allergic to something this weekend or she got the bug. Here we go again with another runny nose. I will say that Caroline is still all smiles, but we can tell she is not her spunky self.
When we arrived home, we had the three blind mice come over and entertain so I could unpack and unload from the trip. Gotta love this family!