Ritchie Crew

Ritchie Crew

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bye Bye Blog

This weekend we will be heading to Tupelo for a little family time. I will not be taking the computer! What? How can this be? I will return on Monday night to have lots of pictures and memories to blog about, but until then the computer will be tucked away. Caroline is already asleep and I am beginning to pack. Enjoy your time with your family this weekend and cherish every minute!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Megan and Jared's Shower

We drove up to Skyline Drive this afternoon to celebrate my bother and future sister-in-law's wedding shower. I am so blessed to have Megan as my future sister-in-law, but it does feel a bit different to know that my brother has grown up and is getting married. The wedding is May 7, and will be here before we know it!
MiMi and Caroline with the blanket from Papaw Don
Aunt Megan, Uncle Jared, and Caroline...we are still working on crossing our legs

Look at those beautiful blue eyes

Aunt Megan and Caroline

Lana and Caroline at Lunch

Handyman of the Year

We headed to Searcy this afternoon for Megan and Jared's shower, and when we arrived home we had a big big big surprise. Papaw and Great-Papaw were finishing the french drains. Our front yard is finally complete. The drains run straight from the gutters, under the ground, into the side yard. The black pipe seen below is not under the ground and cannot even be seen. Great job Dad! He is our Handyman of 2010!

Look at how good that looks...
Papaw and Caroline on the Four-Wheeler

Vroom Vroom

This next post is a little old, but we had a Dental meeting a few weeks back and all went to eat at The Flying Fish for lunch. One of my best friends, Tara, drove down to see me and go to the meeting. I like to tease her and say that she paid a lot of money just to see me, because the speaker was...well hum??? Not very interesting? Hard to follow?

Tara, myself, and Tanya

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Type. Type. Type Your Heart Out

We have had a blast this weekend! MiMi and Papaw brought Caroline home a new keyboard, but let me tell you this little girl is smart. She still still wants the "real thing"...the lap top. We then walked to Mamaw and Papaw's and Caroline decided to type an email to Daddy.

We met Auntie Sarah in Little Rock this weekend to work on a few projects, and we will have more pictures in a few weeks from our Friday. After showing our creative side, we headed over to Chi's. I could write all day long about the memories that Sarah and I have shared at Chi's. Let me begin by saying that I am talking about the Chi's on Fair Park...not the one in West Little Rock. Our first time to dine there was in High School and it has continued. We probably are one the most visited customers! This time was extra special...it was Caroline's first introduction and Sarah was offered a blind date to a married man. What an eventful lunch!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Events

Each year the Sardis Fire Department gives the community the opportunity to donate money to the department and in exchange take pictures of the family that has donated money. Mamaw and Papaw came by to grab Caroline for their picture. It is their first professional picture with Little Miss. Below is a picture I snapped before leaving the house.

Papaw and Caroline checking out the fire truck

Then we headed over to Trapnall Hall to a reception for one of my childhood family friends. I kept telling Caroline that this is where Mommy and Daddy had their reception. We got to catch up with many local friends, while enjoying delicious wedding cake. Good Job Stephanie!

Caroline and MiMi

TK and Caroline

MiMi, Caroline, Kristen, and Jason

Courtney, The Bride
How Beautiful!

Gutters in the Sunshine

We have loved loved loved the weather the past two weeks. We have been to the near by nursery three times this week. Once with Nana, once with Mom (MiMi), and once with Jennifer. Our home looks like a complete different home with all of the new landscaping. I took the picture below to show off our new gutters. I know what you are thinking...where are they? Our contractor suggested Keith Williams, and he did an amazing job. You cannot even see the gutters!

We arrived home today to find fill dirt beside our drive. Thanks Uncle Roger and Papaw Troy!

My new flowers on the mailbox, with flowers that will grow up the lattice in a few weeks.
Classic Red
Auntie Jennifer and Caroline at BJ's

Caroline during her 2nd visit to the nursery
Playing Peak-A-Boo

MiMi pushing the sleepy girl

Caroline before going to BJ's

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cat In The Hat

A few months back was the Birthday of Dr. Seuss! Well...we are just now getting around to celebrating. We made a Cat in the Hat pizza tonight with Brittany. My mother always had creative ideas to help me learn, and you know what they say...Like mother like daughter.

Brittany and Caroline

This is a snapshot of Little Miss Priss at 5:45 this morning! She is usually like clock work, goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes up at 6: 45. I promise you she is always right on the dot in the mornings, but this morning I think I may have woke her up. She got to watch Mommy get ready for work!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outdoor Sunday

Papaw Troy headed over today to help us with our new landscaping. The past year we have been working on the inside of our home. I did not ever think we would get shutters! I also wanted Caroline to have a personalized room just for her. My saying for the past year was...Shutters then Gutters. Next week we will have acheived our two big goals of 2009! This year also includes two large goals: landscaping and a shop. This weekend Nana and I visited several nurseries and ended up with the perfect landscaping. You want to talk about a total outdoor transformation. I took a few pictures of the newest items.

I am not certain about what I think about death. Some Christians believe that after death, you are with God in Heaven and others believe that Jesus will come back and then one will rise and go to Heaven. I am sure there are lots of theories and beliefs, but today I felt like my Papaw Norris was with me. Nana purchased some of the landscaping for us, and told me that Papaw Norris was always looking forward to the day that he could help me with my landscaping. My grandfather's health went downhill last year, and he passed away when I was on bedrest. Not only was I on bedrest, but I was unable to contact Matt during three weeks of his training to share the sadness with him. I am very close to all of my grandparents, and Norris only deceased grandparent. It was one of those periods in my life when I had to depend on the Lord. I feel as if the landscaping has been a gift of happiness from Papaw. I cannot wait to share all of my memories of him with Caroline.

Blood Red Lace Leaf Japanese Maple
(It turns a deep red in the sun)

Black Monkey Grass

Sun Coleus
...another Red Blood Lace Leaf Japanese Maple
(You can see it already turning a deep red)
We took a short break...Papaw Troy and Caroline
We have had our Spiral Junipers, but I wanted to take a pictures after prunning.
New ipopea and who knows what....bad about some of the names!
Then we started to detail the car! No more eating in the car! I scrubbed that beauty from top to bottom, and inside and out.
Caroline is obsessed with Snow White, but....

Snow White is not to fond of Caroline.

Lana's Volleyball Game

Caroline went to her first volleyball game today in Conway to watch Lana. Boy oh Boy, she sure does love Will and Lana. You did great today Lana!